'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Begins Principal Photography

Patrick Stewart X-Men Days of Future Past Coat Shoulders

From the year 2000 to present there have always been two or three years between each X-Men feature film, but going forward, that's about to change. Twentieth Century Fox is done with the Daredevil franchise and plans to take full advantage of the key Marvel assets they still own in a big way.

This July will see the standalone feature The Wolverine and next summer, 14 years of X-Men films will come together in X-Men: Days of Future Past, followed by a reboot of Fantastic Four the year after.

Reports of the seemingly dead Deadpool and future crossovers between the X-Men and FF down the road aside, what's official is that there are three Marvel movies coming from Fox in the next three years and all three of them are designed to radically evolve each respective series.

Despite negative critical reception on two of the X-Men installments, every movie in the series has been profitable. With The Avengers showing just how powerful the appeal of superhero epics can be at the box office, Fox wants to take advantage of their brand and the timing to do something similar with their own properties going forward.

They've enlisted the help of comic book creator Mark Millar to serve as a consultant, and Bryan Singer is back in the director's chair for the next X-Men team-up adventure and has ideas of his own for the series going forward. Despite the age of the series and the talent involved, it's not over yet and next summer may define the future of the X-Men movies as we know it.

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