Famke Janssen on 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Return: 'Stay Tuned'

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After creating a sense of disappointment for Daredevil fans looking forward to new film adaptation, Twentieth Century Fox made a major announcement last week regarding the Marvel properties they're keeping and pushing forward with. Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick-Ass) will be helping consult for Fox's own Marvel cinematic universe, beginning with next year's The Wolverine and the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past and Fantastic Four reboot.

For X-Men, it's becoming increasingly clear that Days of Future Past will offer a centering point for all of the series installments over the years to connect together. While casting announcements have yet to official roll in, Patrick Stewart practically confirmed that he's returning and now Famke Janssen is teasing a similar possibility for her return as Jean Grey.

MTV chatted with Famke Janssen about her film Bringing up Bobby (that she wrote and directed) and dropped the obligatory X-Men inquiry.

"One never knows. Jean Grey, the Phoenix … she finds a way to reincarnate herself constantly, so one never knows."

While playing coy, she followed this up by saying she's not in a position to chat about it, but to "stay tuned." It stands to reason that all of the cast members from the trilogy who Singer and Vaughn are planning to see return have been spoken too, especially considering the established relationships between Singer, cast and crew. Singer of course, hinted that by approaching the X-Men: First Class sequel with bigger picture ideas (i.e. Days of Future Past time travel story from the comics) in mind to flesh out and expand the X-Men universe, they could tie together the films and make sense of the continuity and timelines established thus far.

X-Men: Days of Future Past begins production in the new year so expect more quotes and reports from the other cast members of the original trilogy (and X-Men: First Class). I expect Hugh Jackman will be questioned the most since they're still shooting The Wolverine for a release next summer and he will be subject to the most press.

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As for Famke returning as Jean Grey. X-Men: The Last Stand ended with her demise, much like Patrick Stewart's Professor X, but as in the comics books, there's no such thing as true death in the X-Men universe and since the story of Days of Future Past deals with time travel, there are easy ways to tell another story in a different period in time, or even a different reality that can bring all of the familiar faces back. Heck, they can even overwrite X-Men 3 with Bryan Singer's vision of what that film should have been.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


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