X-Men: Days Of Future Past Director Explains Unresolved Twist

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer has attempted to explain one of the more puzzling moments in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Arguably the most ambitious entry in the X-Men movie franchise, DOFP united the original X-Men cast with the First Class bunch in a time-twisting tale that saw Hugh Jackman's Wolverine travel back in time in order to stop a dystopian future from ever happening. Logan succeeded in his mission and, as a bonus, also ended up rewriting the events of X-Men: The Last Stand in the process.

Naturally, DOFP ended up muddling the timeline of the entire franchise, a state of events compounded by subsequent movies that seem to suggest the 38-year age difference between James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart is only around a decade. However, perhaps the most confusing moment in DOFP came in its final twist. Once the timeline has been successfully altered, 1970s Wolverine is rescued by Mystique in the guise of William Stryker. The implication here was that, with the timeline now jigged around, Jennifer Lawrence's blue mutant could potentially save Logan from his adamantium-clad fate. Alas, one movie later in X-Men: Apocalypse, Wolverine is seen in the custody of the real Stryker and has already become Weapon X, as per his original timeline.

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Bryan Singer has now attempted to explain this apparent plot hole in a recent post on his Instagram page. Alongside a picture of the DOFP cast in a mini theater, the director writes:

It's refreshingly honest of Singer to admit that the twist was a late addition to the movie and, in all likelihood, this lack of time to reflect on the scene's true implications is probably the reason it ended up making very little sense. But the rest of Singer's explanation only partially holds up. Certainly, Mystique's arc of helping other mutants escape the authorities is continued in Apocalypse and it makes senses that she would want to help Logan, as both characters have suffered greatly as a result of their mutations. However, it still isn't clear how, despite Mystique's efforts, Wolverine still ended up being captured by the real Stryker and turned into Weapon X.

Clearly, X-Men fans are left to assume that somewhere between DOFP and Apocalypse, Mystique loses Wolverine (or more likely, he runs away) and Logan continues on his destined course, but the fact that this occurs off-screen renders the X-Men: Days of Future Past twist meaningless, with audiences left guessing Mystique's true intentions, as well as how she ultimately failed. While Singer's attempts to clear this plot hole up are definitely appreciated - and somewhat helpful - it still feels like this scene was added purely for shock value, rather than to genuinely further the plot of the franchise.

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Source: Bryan Singer/Instagram

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