Director Bryan Singer continues his one-man social media campaign for X-Men: Days of Future Past with yet another teaser photo of a cast member on set. Given that this new X-Men movie will jump between a dystopian (future? Present?) populated with characters from the original X-Men Trilogy and a ’70s era populated with the characters of  X-Men: First Class, there have been quite a few casting photos for Singer to share.

We previously saw Patrick Stewart as (old) Proffessor Xavier on the DoFP set – looking quite badass in dystopian gear – but his younger Charles Xavier counterpart played by James McAvoy has remained unseen… until now. Scroll down to see McAvoy really playing up the style of the 1970s.

Back when First Class director Matthew Vaughn was still attached to this project – and before the focus shifted to the massive cast and mixed continuities – it was suggested by cast and crew that Charles Xavier’s transformation into Prof. X might be a major focus of this next film. After all, First Class ended with Charles suffering his infamous spinal wound that would leave him confined to a wheelchair; the filmmakers’ thinking was that Charles’ hard adjustment to his new state of existence (powerful brain, crippled body, etc.) would be a way to showcase how the brash and confident young man painfully transitioned into the more zen-like and serene “Prof. X” that Patrick Stewart portrayed.

Well, Singer’s latest teaser (humorously captioned with the hastag “Serpico”) certainly suggests that Charles hasn’t exactly had an easy transition in the eleven years since he was crippled:


James McAvoy as Professor Xavier on set of X Men Days of Future Past 570x760 New X Men: Days of Future Past Set Photo: James McAvoy as 1970s Charles Xavier

Am I the only one who is getting a Lieutenant Dan (from Forrest Gump) vibe from this pic? But I digress.

It certainly seems as though old Charlie has upgraded his wheelchair – though we already knew that from one of the earlier pics that Singer sent out, which featured this iconic tease (McAvoy’s chair being the one on the left):

X Men Days of Future Past Professor X Wheelchairs 570x336 New X Men: Days of Future Past Set Photo: James McAvoy as 1970s Charles Xavier

It has been hinted that the majority of DoFP will take place in the 1970s – in fact, a betting man might wager that, with the exception of a few characters capable of time-hopping – like Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) – the majority of the Original Trilogy characters will only appear in brief cameo or sporadic intervals (cutbacks between past and future, that sort of thing…).

That’s all to say: It would be nice if we still got a solid dramatic arc from McAvoy’s Xavier while in the midst of  the sci-fi madness. It’s an interesting point in the character’s life to explore, and rest assured, McAvoy can deliver proper drama. It’s already enough of a shame that old and young Prof. X will never meet onscreen

Check out pics of these other Days of Future Past characters if you haven’t seen them:

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters on July 18, 2014.

Source: Twitter

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