X-Men: Days of Future Past Pitch Meeting

X-Men: Days of Future Past

In the latest Screen Rant Pitch Meeting, we go on a whirlwind trip through time and timelines in X-Men: Days of Future Past, a movie that was both a sequel and a prequel and also kind of a reboot of the X-Men universe. Directed by Bryan Singer, X-Men: Days of Future Past united the cast of the original trilogy of X-Men movies with the cast of X-Men: First Class via a story in which Kitty Pryde sends Wolverine's future mind back to 1973.

Apparently the terrible near-apocalyptic future that the older Wolverine ended up in was set in motion by Mystique choosing to assassinate scientist Bolivar Trask (played by Bill Duke in X-Men: The Last Stand and by Peter Dinklage in X-Men: Days of Future Past). After the assassination, Mystique was captured and her physiology was studied and then replicated in the Sentinels, allowing them to observe and then imitate any mutant power that they encountered - making them unstoppable mutant-killing machines.

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In order to stop humans from annihilating mutantkind, Wolverine must convince a younger Professor X to work with a younger Magneto to convince Mystique not to kill Trask. Unfortunately, Professor X is a drunken mess with no powers who is in dire need of a haircut, and Magneto is, well... Magneto. Can Wolverine fix the past and save the future before the Sentinels catch up to him? Let's take a look at how X-Men: Days of Future Past's pitch meeting (probably) went down.

The X-Men movie franchise has had its ups and downs, but X-Men: Days of Future Past is generally considered to be one of the ups. In terms of worldwide box office, it's still the highest-grossing entry in the main X-Men saga (though it didn't quite reach the heights of Deadpool and Deadpool 2) and holds an impressive 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Unfortunately things quickly slid downhill again with X-Men: Apocalypse, but at least Wolverine went on to score the X-Men franchise some Oscar prestige with Logan.

Right now the future of the X-Men on the big screen is looking uncertain - but not because of killer robots or assassination plots (unless Disney's negotiation strategies are more aggressive than we thought). Once the Disney-Fox deal goes through, mutants will be under the same roof as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will almost certainly end up being incorporated into it. X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants may well be the last movies set in the current continuity... as much as the X-Men movies have ever had a continuity.

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