'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Adds Josh Helman in Substantial Role

Josh Helman in 'The Pacific'

Principal photography on X-Men: Days of Future Past began over two months ago and we've heard many casting announcements since then. Still, the film's production continues to be full of surprises, as a new card has been added to the deck in the form of a mystery role for a relative newcomer.

The latest addition to the X-Men: Days of Future Past cast list made a name himself starring in Home and Away, which has become a veritable breeding ground for Hollywood Australians (see also: Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Guy Pearce, Heath Ledger, etc.). Josh Helman also starred in HBO's mini-series The Pacific, had a role in Jack Reacher last year and is set to appear in Mad Max: Fury Road, but he's currently in Montreal filming scenes for Bryan Singer's superhero sequel.

Normally, given that Helman isn't a big name in the film industry yet, this news wouldn't be all that significant. However, The Wrap reports that he will be on set for a period of several weeks, which suggests that he will be in more than just a throwaway role. Had Evan Peters not been cast as Quicksilver last month, it might have been assumed that this role was going to Helman; as it is, we have no idea who his character is.

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There's no shortage of characters from the X-Men comic books who might be brought into this story, which is based on the story arc from The Uncanny X-Men, written by Chris Claremont. At a guess, Helman could be playing a young Senator Robert Kelly, since the plot of the Days of Future Past comics revolved around the characters attempting to prevent Kelly's assassination, since it would lead to a dystopian future wherein mutants are rounded up and either captured or killed.

Considering Senator Kelly was, more or less, assassinated by mutants in the first film, maybe that wouldn't have much of an impact.

If you've got a theory of your own (and surely some of you must have), then let us know what it is in the comments. Given how much difficulty Singer is having keeping a closed set, we'll almost certainly get more details on Helman's character before filming is done.


X-Men: Days of Future Past is out in theaters on July 18th, 2014

Source: The Wrap

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