'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Images Feature Blink, Stryker, Toad & More

Bingbing Fan as Blink in 'X-Men Days of Future Past'

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer's long-awaited return to the X-Men movie franchise, past and future will collide as characters from the first three movies send a message through time (via Wolverine) to their younger counterparts from X-Men: First Class in an effort to save mutantkind from a terrible future.

In addition to dealing with the weighty concept of time travel, X-Men: Days of Future Past will also have the largest cast of iconic mutants from the comic books so far. New faces include Bingbing Fan as Blink, Booboo Stewart as Warpath, Evan Jonigkeit as Toad (the role previously played by Ray Park), Adan Canto as Sunspot and Omar Sy as Bishop.

To see some of these supporting characters in action, check out the latest gallery of images (courtesy of CBM) from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Also included are stills of key players like Beast, Mystique, Magneto and Bolivar Trask, as well as John Helman playing a young William Stryker.

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The image of Quicksilver might turn a few heads - not because it's the first time we've seen him out of his funky '70s jacket, but rather because of the little girl pictured with him. Singer said last year that Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver's sister, will not be in the film, but the closeness between the two characters in the image suggests a possible sibling relationship. Could a younger, pre-Scarlet Witch version of Wanda Maximoff make an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

Based on Singer's recent words regarding the structure of the film, it sounds like the past and future segments are going be quite sharply divided with little interaction between the young and old versions of characters. With some characters, it's still uncertain which will appear in the past and which will appear in the future, but it should be noted that in one image Blink is shown with red streaks in her hair, while in other stills they are purple. It could be significant, or it could just be a phase she's going through.


X-Men Days of Future Past will be in theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Les Toiles Heroiques [via CBM]

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