Halle Berry NOT Almost Entirely Cut from 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' [Updated]

Halle Berry as Storm in Days of Future Past


[UPDATE: Bryan Singer has responded to this X-Men rumor.]


X-Men: Days of Future Past is an ambitious film. For Fox, it's their first attempt at a shared universe and will combine all their X-Men movies into one franchise, paving the way for even more X-films - like X-Force and Apocalypse - down the line.

The real draw, however, has been that Days of Future Past sees the return of several characters from Fox's first trilogy of X-Men films. Storm in particular was a character fans anticipated returning, especially once actress Halle Berry teased her character's "integral" role, despite her pregnancy keeping her from flying and being as typically "badass" as in previous films.

Unfortunately, there may be some bad news for those looking forward to Storm's role in Days of Future Past. A gossip column in the NY Daily News reporting on rumors Berry and her husband are living separately are also saying Berry's role has been almost entirely cut from the film.

Their source is quoted as saying Storm appears in only one scene and "only has one line in the whole movie." They follow that with a catty remark implying Berry isn't aware of this and wouldn't have found out until Days of Future Past released, which kind of makes this all sound like trashy, insider gossip.

UPDATE: Bryan Singer has shot down this rumor:

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