X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Leaks; Official Teaser May Drop With Venom

UPDATE: Here's what time you can expect the official Dark Phoenix trailer.

UPDATE 2: Watch the first X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer now!

A trailer for Dark Phoenix has leaked online, but the film's official teaser may arrive very soon. The Fox era of X-Men movies will come to a close after Disney's looming merger sends control of the characters over to Marvel Studios. First, however, Fox has two more X-Men films to release in 2019, including Dark Phoenix. The latter was originally supposed to come out in November, but saw its release date pushed back after its reshoots were delayed to accommodate its cast's collective schedule.

Despite the movie being delayed until February 2019, the first official look at Dark Phoenix actually arrived all the way back in late 2017. Several official images were released at the time, making many wonder if a trailer would launch sooner then expected. While that ended up not happening, Fox has since screened a Dark Phoenix trailer at multiple press events around the world this year - footage that has now leaked online.

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The leaked footage appeared on Reddit after a user uploaded a shakily-filmed and otherwise clearly-bootlegged version of the Dark Phoenix trailer shown at a recent Fox presentation in Russia (hence the Russian voices throughout the clip). The video was obviously filmed in secret, as evidenced by the low angle perspective and the seats obstructing the screen that the trailer is being projected onto. Nevertheless, an official Dark Phoenix teaser is expected to drop soon, possibility in time for Venom's theatrical debut next week.

A leaked look at a trailer is never the way a studio wants a marketing campaign to begin, so if Fox wasn't considering an official launch soon before, they may very well be now. Trailer-Track currently expects the trailer to arrive online in time to be attached to Venom in theaters next week. Furthermore, X-Men Films has noted that Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner is set to be a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden tomorrow night, September 26th (or technically the 27th, with its 12:37 am EST start time). That doesn't guarantee she's bringing the Dark Phoenix teaser to the late night CBS show, but an announcement could be made about the trailer's debut, at the very least.

Ultimately, the first footage from Dark Phoenix is long overdue and the lack of marketing just over four months out from the film's release has many fans worried. Delivering a solid official trailer (the leaked version, after all, isn't a finalized cut) would be an important step for the movie to take at this point. Hopefully, it will arrive soon and provide everyone with a proper (read: non-bootlegged) look at what Dark Phoenix has to offer.

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Key Release Dates
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) release date: Jun 07, 2019
  • New Mutants (2020) release date: Apr 03, 2020
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