Rumor: Dark Phoenix Doesn't Feature Space or Skrulls

According to a new report, X-Men: Dark Phoenix may not feature the Skrulls or the titular team traveling to space as earlier rumors indicated. Fans have been pumped about the idea of Fox's Marvel franchise going cosmic and even possibly introducing the Skrulls in their canon, especially since the extraterrestrial beings are also going to be a huge part of Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel. Theories have suggested that this may be the narrative link between the MCU and the mutants considering that the X-Men and the Fantastic Four rights are tipped to return to Marvel via the Fox and Disney buyout. Unfortunately, if this new rumor comes to fruition, that will not be the case.

Marking the directorial debut of long-time X-Men producer Simon Kinberg, the next Fox Marvel movie will put Sophie Turner's Jean Grey at the forefront as the film tackles her journey in becoming the Dark Phoenix as previously hinted towards the end of X-Men: Apocalypse. Admittedly, Fox adapting Chris Claremont's The Dark Phoenix Saga for the second time after 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand failed attempt didn't necessarily make fans happy. But others are looking at it as a new chance for Fox to make amends and get it right this time.

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The information comes from a Reddit user who has since deleted his account after creating the thread and engaging with some of the other users who wished to discuss what he knows. Apparently, the tipster was part of a group who were chosen to attend a test screening of Dark Phoenix in February. According to him, there was no mention of Skrulls in the film, though there is a race of aliens with shapeshifting abilities. Further, the mutants didn't travel to space as previously reported. If anything, they'll only be saving troubled astronauts who are at risk of dying due to some cosmic waves in the "atmosphere."

I know this is "Marvel Studios" leaks but screw it. I have been a lurker on this site for a while and I finally made an account because of the inncaurate info Manabyte is spreading about Dark Phoenix. I went to the screening in Feb. I live in CA and go to a lot of test screenings for fun. I have proof ready to show for the mods. I legit got tired of him saying false shit and people buying into it. His sources are going him twisted info. The x-men don't go into space in the third act and the word "skrull" was not said once at all in the film

The tipster reiterated that what he saw was just an initial cut of the movie and some of these details might still be changed in the final cut - especially given that Dark Phoenix will undergo reshoots. That said, he also pointed out that the aforementioned details are too big of a factor to be suddenly scrapped from the film (if they're really going to be part of the narrative). Due to the anonymity of the source and the lack of other evidence to prove his claim, it's best to take this with a healthy dose of salt. But it should be noted that the tipster provided the mods in the forum with some kind of proof to establish the veracity of his story and they deemed him reliable.

Specific narrative details have been tightly kept under wraps so it's difficult to weigh in on this latest bit. However, it does corroborate with Kinberg's comments this month about the film being less operatic than previous X-Men installments - an odd thing to say considering the subject material that he's adapting on the big screen. The cast, on the other hand, have had nothing but great things to say about X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Jennifer Lawrence called it her best X-Men experience, while Sophie Turner promised that it will revolutionize the superhero genre - a bold claim considering the state of comic book films nowadays.

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Source: Reddit

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