Dazzler to Appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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A new report states the disco-themed mutant Dazzler will finally make her live-action debut in next year's X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Fox's X-Men franchise has never been shy about packing their movies full of mutants. While some view the overcrowding as a detriment to the story, it falls in line with the comics where most of the action revolves around a school full of mutants. The upshot of the tactic is that it allows fans more chances to see their favorite characters come to life. The downside is that many of them are barely more than cameos, and even those can be cut from the final film.

Jubilee alone has been getting the boot for almost two decades, and even Rogue was cut from Days of Future Past. Still, the roster has grown with each new movie, and Dark Phoenix will be no different. After learning last week that Simon Kinberg would be jumping from producing and writing to directing on the new film, we learned that the Shi'ar Empire was coming to the big screen. Along with the announcement, it was revealed that Jessica Chastain will be playing their leader Lilandra. Now, we know another new character coming to the film.

EW is reporting that Dazzler will have a small appearance in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. There's nothing more concrete than that, but the news follows a recent casting breakdown for the movie that hinted at Dazzler's arrival. And if all of this sounds vaguely familiar, that's because there were rumors that Taylor Swift would play the character in Apocalypse. There was even a cut Easter egg involving the mutant's day job, being a massive pop star.

Dazzler has one of the more fascinating behind-the-scenes stories. Back in the '70s, she was conceived as an answer to KISS and was part of a deal that would see a real-life pop star, movie, and comic made. In the end, only the latter manifested, with Dazzler debuting in 1980's Uncanny X-Men #130.

The character is both a huge global singer and an X-Men, with the power to turn sound into concussive light blasts. Over the years, she's had a few rebrandings, from S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to member of A-Force. There's no telling what her final look will be in the movie, either, as it's said to take place in the early '90s. With the film so far from disco's heyday, perhaps Dazzler will be reinvented as house DJ.

In the meantime, fans are continuing to puzzle out what the other castings mean. We know many of the stars of Apocalypse will be returning, but a number of new mutant students, heroes, and of course villains will be sure to come aboard the film. Hopefully, we'll know more soon as the movie heads towards a filming start date. Stay tuned for all things X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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Source: EW

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