X-Men: Dark Phoenix Cast Visits Montreal Children’s Hospital

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix stars Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Alexandra Shipp and Nicolas Hoult made a stop at Montreal Children's Hospital this past week as the film nears the end of production. Dark Phoenix is the upcoming fourth film featuring the X-Men prequel cast, which began with First Class, and was followed by Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse.

As the title implies, the film – set in the 1990s –will examine the transformation of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) into the Dark Phoenix, and will mark the introduction of Jessica Chastain into the X-Men movie universe as the main villain.

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As filming begins to wrap up in Montreal, four of the principal cast members from Dark Phoenix wanted to give the thanks to the city by visiting Montreal Children's Hospital. According to MTL Blog, Fassbender, McAvoy, Shipp and Hoult visited young patients to give them gifts, play video games and pose for photos. LeChildren, the Instagram account for Montreal Children's Hospital, posted a photo featuring Fassbender, Shipp and one of the patients.

Where do superheroes go to hang out? The Children’s, where they can meet our young superheroes face-to-face! Big thanks to the cast of X-Men: Dark Phoenix for stopping by the hospital today, bringing gifts, smiles and laughs to our patients as they wrap up filming in Montreal. It was a visit we won’t soon forget! Où vont donc les superhéros pour flâner? Au Children, où ils peuvent rencontrer NOS jeunes superhéros en personne! Un grand merci aux acteurs de X-Men : Dark Phoenix. Alors qu’ils mettent la dernière main au tournage du film à Montréal, ils ont pris le temps de s’arrêter à l’hôpital aujourd’hui pour distribuer cadeaux, sourires et éclats de rire à nos patients. Voilà une visite que nous ne sommes pas prêts d’oublier! #pediatrics #mtl #mtlmoments #xmen #xmendarkphoenix #michaelfassbender #jamesmcavoy #nicholashoult #alexandrashipp

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The elation the patients are showing in the photos says it all. Any time a star takes time out of their busy schedule to visit a young patient at a hospital is a welcome gesture, and it's clear by the genuine looks of the Fassbender, McAvoy, Shipp and Hoult in the photos that they got just as much out of the visit as the patients themselves.

It's always heartening to see photos and videos of visits by superhero actors, especialyl because the genre is so inspiring to younger generations. Other actors who've made such kind gestures include Tom Holland, who dressed up as Spider-Man over the summer while visiting young patients at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles (and even did a flip in the hallway to the delight of one child); and Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, who stopped by Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia, in a break from filming Thor: Ragnarok.

The visits aren't exclusive to Marvel movie superheroes, however. Justice League star Ben Affleck visited a young patient at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; while Johnny Depp has been known to brighten kids' lives by turning up at hospitals dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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Sources: LeChildren (Montreal Children's Hospital)

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