X-Men: Dark Phoenix Takes Place in the Early 1990s

Reconned Phoenix posing as Jean Grey

A new report indicates X-Men: Dark Phoenix will continue the trend of the previous films and take place in the early '90s. The timeline of the various X-Men films has always been confusing for fans and general moviegoers. Despite attempts to reboot it and realign it, all that's happened is it's been more muddied. Still, the new trilogy of films has allowed a number of unique period trappings to be added to the action, crafting a set of films that stand strong next to their predecessors. And while the original trilogy may never get a fourth film, the new one will see X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters next year.

Beyond the title, and thus the storyline, not much has been released about the film. That all changed today, however. Earlier, news broke that longtime X-Men producer may be directing the new film from a script he's currently working on. Following that, more news broke stating Jessica Chastain has been tapped to portray the film's villain. In the movie, she'll tackle the role of Lilandra, the leader of the Shi'ar Empire, a race none to pleased with the arrival of the Phoenix. Now, it looks like we have the year the aliens will land on Earth.

Omega Underground has posted a new report on Twitter, claiming X-Men: Dark Phoenix will take place in 1991. While we've known for over a year that the new film will be set in the '90s -- and the fact was clear given the trajectory of the films so far -- it's exciting to know when in history the story will occur.

Not that I'll get credit for this. But #XMenDarkPhoenix aka TEEN SPIRIT is set in 1991.

— Christopher M (@_ChristopherM) June 14, 2017

The tweet also indicates the film will shoot under the title 'Teen Spirit,' a solid pun given the story and time period. Interestingly, 'Teen Spirit' was one of the working titles for the film that was shot down along with 'Supernova' and 'Dark Phoenix' before the latter was confirmed as the subtitle of the new movie.

Meanwhile, the new movie may just see a roster that looks a lot like the original films. After rumors that Mystique and Magneto will be back, the report about Chastain mentions both Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence are in talks to return, along with James McAvoy as Professor Xavier. There's even a rumor that a new version of Rogue could appear in the film.

If Dark Phoenix does end up being set in 1991, that means the film will only be 9 years from catching up to the original movie. There's no telling what the future holds for the franchise, but it could be fascinating to see a meta update on the first film following X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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Source: Christopher M

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