X-Men Danger Room Protocols Lives On Via Instagram [Updated]

X-Men Danger Room Protocols

For some regular Screen Rant readers, the name Joel Furtado might ring a bell. Back in early January of this year, we reported that Furtado was using his substantial animation and illustration skills to bring a new X-Men based fan webseries to life on YouTube, initially set to premiere January 16. 2016.

Unfortunately for Furtado and X-Men fans alike, it didn’t take Marvel much time at all to shut down X-Men: Danger Room Protocols, pulling the plug after only one episode. Having spent a year developing and animating the self-described 18-episode love letter to Marvel and his childhood, Furtado was understandably disappointed with Marvel’s decision.

Ever the persistent artist, Joel Furtado has continued to work on X-Men: Danger Room Protocols through his Instagram account. UPDATE: Furtado has since reached our to us to clarify that the X-Men: Danger Room Protocols animations that he posts on his Instagram account are "rough, unfinished pieces" and intended "only for educational purposes and to demonstrate my animation skills."

Takin down the clones! #xmen #cyclops #storm #colossus #archangel #marvel #superhero #comic #comics #animatedseries #animation #cartoon #anime #3d

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Blizzard time! #storm #xmen #marvel #animation #comics #animatedseries #art #comic #cartoon #colossus #superhero #fx

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Considering the massive glut of fanmade art currently in existence, it’s a shame that Marvel felt the need to shut down X-Men: Danger Room Protocols in the first place. Furtado wasn’t making any money from the endeavor, as it was truly a labor of love and as such, the series was hardly a threat to the stability of either the X-Men series or Marvel Worldwide Inc. It seems more than a little arbitrary to force Furtado to close up shop when a single Google search will easily reveal unlicensed fan art that is actually being sold for profit.

As of this writing, the long arm of the law has yet to intervene for a second time on Joel Furtado’s fun, meaning that fans of his work and those who are curious to see exactly what Danger Room Protocols has to offer can still do so. If the general comments on Furtado’s Instagram account after each episode are anything to go by, X-Men: Danger Room Protocols is bringing a lot of joy to a lot of people, so here’s hoping that it continues on for as long as possible.

X-Men: Danger Protocols is currently available on Joel Furtado's Instagram page.

Source: Joe Furtado

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