X-Men: 15 Characters You Never Knew Rogue Hooked Up With

For a lady that can’t touch anyone, the X-Men's Rogue has had more than her share of romantic relationships over the years. While we all know and have opinions about Magneto and Gambit (#ROMY4EVA), there are a bunch more boys (and girls) that this merry mutant’s been more than friends with.

Born with the mutant ability to touch another person and absorb their thoughts, skills, and superpowers, the downside is that Rogue also knocks them out cold... or worse. As such, the bombshell Southern belle generally wears sleeves and gloves and tries not to make skin-to-skin contact with anyone.

Of course, skin-to-skin contact is kind of one of the best parts of being alive, a fact that Rogue knows all too well. So, over the years, she’s found creative ways around that rule, or simply capitalized on losing her powers for one reason or another.

For the purposes of this list, we’re sticking to an old-school definition of hooking up – elementary school, that is. Anyone she’s had romantic relations with-- no matter how chaste or R-rated-- makes the cut.

So, with those ground rules agreed upon, let’s make like a supermarket tabloid and dive – respectfully – into the 15 Characters You Never Knew Rogue Hooked Up With.

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15 Sentry

So, a few years ago Marvel introduced the Sentry, a Golden Age superhero who was erased from existence – and the memory of other comic book characters – until it was like he basically never existed in the first place. (Which, again, he didn’t.)

Because of science, Sentry’s brought back into the fold and starts palling around with the New Avengers, and suddenly everyone remembers everything about him. The Sentry’s retconned into old storylines and past histories, and it’s actually kind of fun, until his alter ego, the Void, escapes, and Thor has to kill him.

Among the many, many things casually thrown into Marvel Comics canon was the fact that Rogue and the Sentry had some kind of a relationship at some point in time. In fact, at his funeral, Rogue breaks down in tears because now she has no one to hug, and then that’s it, the entire incident is forgotten forever without any further explanation.

14 Captain America

In What If? #114, titled "Brave New World," the superheroes and supervillains that assembled in Battleworld for the original Secret Wars have called a truce and settled down with one another. Among many other unexpected relationships in this reality, Captain America and Rogue have decided to shack up and start a family.

In fact, “Brave New World” mainly focuses on the families, following the exploits of the children of the heroes: Crusader, aka Sarah Rogers, the daughter of Rogue and Cap; Mustang, aka Clint Barton, Jr., the son of Hawkeye and She-Hulk; and Bravado, aka Balder Blake, the son of Thor and the Enchantress. The three team up with a handful of other kids, and then their parents, to take down Doctor Doom’s son.

Though she’s in maybe three panels, Rogue is referred to as Carol, indicating that the stolen identity of Ms. Marvel seems to have taken over. Or maybe she just didn’t like the name Anna Marie in this reality.

13 Black Widow

In the aftermath of “Avengers vs. X-Men,” the anthology series A+X was released, focusing on individual members of the Avengers and X-Men in standalone stories. The second issue found Rogue and Black Widow teaming up... and then some.

The story begins with Natasha Romanoff taking a spa day, because apparently that’s something she does. A Sentinel crushes her car and opens fire on the spa, obviously, forcing Black Widow to put on her jumpsuit and jump into action, at which point the giant robot breaks her hand.

Rogue, always looking for a Sentinel to punch, shows up to offer her services. Together, she and Widow decide that the best thing to do is shoot the robot with a sniper rifle from a safe distance away. Widow’s shooting hand is busted, so it’s up to Rogue to take the shot, a skill that Xavier-- rightfully, some might argue-- did not think a woman who could punch through steel needed to be taught.

Black Widow, offering to transfer her sharpshooting knowledge to Rogue and knowing full well that any skin-to-skin contact would work, plants a kiss on her anyway, because sometimes it’s very easy to spot a male writer.

12 Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Rogue have actually almost gotten together twice, first in the ‘90s’ Spider-Man cartoon and later in an issue of X-Men Forever. They weren’t technically able to seal the deal either time, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

First off, in the cartoon, after Spider-Man discovers that he’s mutating into some kind of monster for some reason, he shows up on the X-Mansion doorstep to ask for help, only, instead of help, he gets trapped in a metal straight jacket and Rogue aggressively flirts with him.

Spidey escapes, goes back to the city, and gets attacked by some other monster, at which point Rogue shows up with a helicopter, only to get blown out of the sky and fall into Spider-Man’s arms, which is about as heated as a children’s cartoon was going to let things get.

Later, in X-Men Forever #3, Rogue has switched powers (and appearances) with Nightcrawler, including her tendency for soul-sapping and power-stealing. Perched on a rooftop with Spidey, she goes to kiss him, only to get a massive headache because of the whole body-swapping imbroglio. Probably for the best, given all of Petey's other problems.

11 Wolverine

By the time X-Men #169 starts, the X-Men have begun searching in earnest for Golgotha, a Cthulhu-like alien that feeds on and amplifies folks’ fears and inner demons. The X-Men, sadly, are not immune, and find themselves at the alien’s mercy.

Rogue and Gambit, having drawn the short straw, are searching the sewers for Golgotha, while simultaneously having a heavy, in-depth talk about their relationship and their feelings and all the doubts getting in the way of those things. Speaking of getting in the way, the couple stumbles onto Wolverine, half-drowned in a river of poopy water.

Gambit, feeling pretty low and petty, suggests that maybe Rogue and Logan should be together. The other two heroes seem to think that’s a good idea and begin making out, right there in the sewer.

10 Colossus

At the start of X-Men, vol. 2, #100, it had been six months since the team stopped the High Evolutionary and Apocalypse from doing the kinds of things that the High Evolutionary and Apocalypse do that need stopping.

It was part of Marvel’s poorly-received “Revolution” event, where all titles were forced to jump ahead six months and basically revamp, by including new creative teams behind-the-scenes, new costumes for many characters, and, in the case of Rogue, new interpretations of her powers.

You see, in this issue, Colossus accidentally touches Rogue’s skin and... nothing happens. So, naturally, they immediately make out-- like, immediately. Which, given the fact that they had no history, was kind of weird.

Speaking of history: in the past, Rogue had been able to steal the big man’s powers, something that future writers also seemed to remember. The Colossus/Rogue relationship was dropped quicker than that building Juggernaut collapsed onto Colossus’s head.

9 Joseph

Originally believed to be an amnesiac Magneto, the mutant known only as Joseph is later revealed to be a clone of the infamous X-foe, possessing all of Mags’ magnetic powers but none of the righteous rage or genocidal tendencies.

Once this is all figured out and the X-Men decide they can trust Joseph, he joins the team and begins a brief relationship with Rogue. He digs her so much, in fact, that he reconstructs the Z’nox chamber, an alien device that, coincidentally, allows Rogue to gain control over her powers, i.e. touch people without almost killing them.

The two of them stand beneath the machine together, have a sweet and tender moment, and things are looking up for the couple. Then Joseph gets killed by the actual Magneto, because comic books aren’t really great at letting heroes be happy.

8 Shadow King

During the Muir Island Saga storyline, Muir Island, a mutant sanctuary, is taken over by the Shadow King, a psychic mutant that telepathically enslaves all of the island’s inhabitants. The X-Men go to help, get possessed by the Shadow King themselves, and Professor X is forced to call his first team, now going by X-Factor, for help.

Along the way, Rogue beats the ever-loving snot out of Strong Man in a mutant gladiator match and then takes a shower, which, for reasons that probably lean toward the gratuitous, is included and illustrated.

When Rogue finally exits the tub, dressed in nothing but a towel, the Shadow King appears in her mirror, explains that he’s goading everyone into fighting one another, and then the two of them make out.

The whole thing is weird and uncomfortable and – because the Shadow King is an evil psychic demon-monster – not necessarily consensual, and we have a feeling that Marvel’s probably trying pretty hard to forget this ever happened.

7 Cyclops

X-Men: Evolution was an animated series that ran for four seasons from 2000 to 2003, making it the third longest-running Marvel cartoon after the original X-Men series and the ‘90s Spider-Man.

In the show, the X-Men were almost all teenagers, attending high school along with members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The cartoon played pretty fast and loose with comics lore -- Evolution actually created the character of X-23 -- but was nonetheless pretty great.

Rogue and Cyclops never technically hooked up during the show, but, man, did Rogue want to. Cyclops, of course, was in love with Jean Grey, making that relationship all but impossible-- or was it?

According to supervising director Frank Paur, had the series continued, Jean would have gone full Dark Phoenix, leaving the field wide open for Cyclops and Rogue. In fact, in the last episode, Professor X gets a glimpse of the future, and the audience is shown a shot of the future X-Men, with Rogue and Cyclops standing a little too close to one another. Paur insists that this was not an accident.

6 Longshot

For reasons known to only the most coked-up of ‘80s’ corporate stereotypes, Rogue once found herself as the third point of a love triangle with be-mulleted luck mutant Longshot and living laser light show Dazzler.

You see, back when Rogue was still a villain and Dazzler had her own series, everyone’s favorite mutant Southern Belle was sent to kill the disco queen on several occasions. Things got so heated that Rogue once broke into Dazzler’s apartment and stole her walnuts. That’s not even a joke; that was an actual plot point. (Dazzler #22, look it up.)

Eventually, Rogue goes straight, and she and Dazzler both end up on the X-Men roster at the same time. Longshot’s also there, and both women, taken with his glowing eye and MacGyver-esque fashion sense, fall for him. Longshot ultimately ends up with Dazzler – though he makes it exceptionally clear that there’s more than enough of him for both women.

5 Deadpool

Through the magic of comic books, Professor Xavier’s brain, after being lasered to death by surrogate son Cyclops, ended up fragmented and, at least partially, inside of the Red Skull’s red noggin.

Rogue and Deadpool, as members of the Unity Squad (nee Uncanny Avengers), scuttle the Skull and retrieve the brain fragments. Then, disobeying Hydra Cap’s direct orders to hand them over, Rogue has the Human Torch burn the brain to cinders in the pages of Uncanny Avengers #22.

Hydra Cap, realizing that a win is a win, doesn’t murder anyone for the transgression, and the team celebrates the victory with a few drinks. Deadpool, however, feeling a little weird about betraying his hero, steps outside.

Rogue follows him and then apologizes for beating the poop out of him while mind-controlled, by way of flying him into the air and sticking her tongue down his throat.

4 Human Torch

There was an eight month lapse between the most recent “Secret Wars” storyline and the start of Uncanny Avengers, at least in comic book time. For the most part, anything of import that happened during this time has been explained – except for what went down between the Human Torch and Rogue.

By the start of Uncanny Avengers #5, it’s confirmed that Torch is getting busy with Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans and sister of his former flame, Crystal. (Gross, dude.)

It’s also alluded to that he and Rogue have had some sort of relationship, and it seems to have been of the romantical variety. Details are scarce, but, later, when he crawls into bed with her, she starts to warn him about her power-sapping mutation, to which he responds that, yeah, he remembers.

3 Fandral

"What If the X-Men Stayed in Asgard,” a standalone issue of the second What If? series, posits a possible future where, at the end of the Asgardian Wars, a two-issue New Mutants Special/X-Men Annual crossover that no one remembers, what if the X-Men stayed in Asgard?

The answer, in short, is that a bunch of mutants banged a bunch of Asgardians and had a bunch of literal fairy tale endings. Also, Thor was turned into a frog and Storm was promoted to Goddess of Thunder in his absence.

Rogue, specifically, finds love, both literal and physical, with Fandral the Dashing, of the Warriors Three – the blonde one that looks a lot like Errol Flynn – because it turns out that her mutant memory-stealing powers don’t apply to Asgardians. Probably something somebody could have told her earlier.

2 Cody Robbins

Every hero worth their salt has a tragic origin story, and Rogue is no exception to the rule.

Born as Anna Marie, she was a normal girl living a normal life in a normal town in one of the normal parts of Mississippi. As a teenager she meets a boy named Cody Robbins and the two begin a sweet romance.

On the night of their first date, and not yet aware of her mutant abilities, Rogue impulsively kisses Cody, inadvertently triggering her skin-to-skin soul-stealing powers and putting the unsuspecting boy into a (mostly) permanent coma.

Rogue, understandably, is traumatized by the experience and begins wearing body-concealing clothing that eliminates the possibility of accidental skin-to-skin contact-- at least until Jim Lee and the Marvel Swimsuit Specials get a hold of her, anyway.

1 Iceman

After Gambit and Magneto, Bobby Drake’s Iceman is probably third on the list of Rogue’s most shipped former flings. Primarily confined to the X-Men film franchise, she and Bobby Drake also had a quick go-round in the Ultimate universe too, though nothing so much as a furtive glance in the main Marvel timeline as of yet.

Originally getting together in the second X-flick, X2: X-Men United, Rogue and Iceman briefly kissed and seemed inseparable, at least until X-Men: The Last Stand made Bobby dump Rogue for Kitty Pryde, because there was nothing that movie couldn’t ruin. Thankfully, Days of Future Past had the good sense to erase that movie from existence, ending with Iceman and Rogue walking away holding (gloved) hands.

Meanwhile, in the Ultimate universe, Rogue absorbed Gambit’s powers after the ragin’ Cajun died, leaving her able to touch other people without putting them into a coma – though she doesn’t quite have a handle on his volatile kinetic abilities. Wandering into Bobby Drake’s room, she nearly explodes the shirt right off of him, at which point the two decide to take it off the old-fashioned way.


Are there any characters that we missed? Who do you hope ends up in Rogue's happily ever after? Comment away!

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