15 X-Men Characters That Fans Rightfully Hated

In the Marvel Universe, some of the most loved characters happen to be mutants from the X-Men series. Weirdly enough, within the X-Men universe, we find that the mutants are hated by humans far more than they should be. Humans cannot always tell who is a mutant, as many look like normal humans until their abilities are revealed. Some abused their powers and humans rightfully feared them in the universe for such issues.

The X-Men were formed to be the example of what mutants should be and to show the world that they cared about mankind. They protected the world from bad mutants and other threats that came about. Professor Charles Xavier, a mutant himself, knew the example being made could be useful to showing what they could do for the world. Protecting mankind is the perfect way to show you're not a scary, evil mutant. The premise of the team and comic made sense.

However, not every character is going to be perfect. Even long-running characters are going to suck at times. There are fifteen such examples that we wanted to point to, we think you'll agree too.

Here are the 15 X-Men Characters That Fans Rightfully Hated.

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Quicksilver from the X-Men
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15 Quicksilver

Quicksilver from the X-Men

In his last few onscreen appearances, Quicksilver has really shone. However, Pietro Maximoff is by no means as impressive in the comics and has been kind of hated by fans over the years.

At the time of his addition to the comics in 1964, it seemed Marvel was desperate to have an answer to The Flash. On top of this, it seems Marvel did not know if they wanted Quicksilver to actually be a bad guy like his father Magneto or a good guy. He played both parts throughout and was a lesser villain in the cartoon series X-Men Evolution in the early 2000s.

Most people saw the character as annoying for most of his time and a poor man's version of Flash, who could do soooo much more with his powers than Quicksilver even attempted. It angered people to see Marvel basically ignore the abilities of a speedster.

The real issue is that he could never be trusted to stay on the side of good or bad. He has stayed loyal only to his twin sister, Scarlet Witch. He may love her strongly, almost too strong as they were once an actual couple in a comic called The Ultimates.

14 Lifeguard

Part of the X-Treme X-Men series, Lifeguard had the ability to gain whatever powers needed in a life-threatening situation While that may be all well and good, without a notable power to use unless she's around, her use is fairly limited. She seems to lack control over what her powers do in these random bad situations and that is never a good thing.

It actually resulted in her getting trapped in a gold inherent Shi'ar genome body. She now has the gold skin mentioned, wings, and claws. She cannot transform or reverse the process and is still unable to control her power. The character did not land well with readers, and possibly the worst part of the entire thing is that she cannot even use her powers to protect herself! So to get things straight, we have a hero who cannot be a hero without a pressured situation and she cannot even protect herself but only others.

13 Marrow

Marrow of Marvel's X-Men

In theory, the character Marrow is downright awesome. She can grow bones out of her skin and manage to use them to create weapons like knives that she can use to throw or to swing around and protect herself. These bones also give her relatively useful body armor.

In practice, Marrow turned out to be quite lame and looked absolutely terrible. She would essentially become a terrorist before eventually joining the X-Men. Useful as her powers might seem, her powers were rarely useful in helping the X-Men and the look of the character never seemed to settle well as a super-heroine.

Marrow has since been tough to rely on as her allegiances have shifted frequently. She was eventually de-powered and now may be more useless as a hero than ever. The character had potential, which is most likely the reason many people do think the character could come back in a better version.

12 Skin

Skin X-Men character

This may surprise you, but Skin's powers revolve around his skin. Take a minute and sit down so you can take that in. e possesses six feet of extra skin. He was capable of stretching and even expanding his skin. Interestingly, it has been pointed out that only his epidermis is manipulated by his powers.

Apparently when you have too much skin, you turn grey. Or at least that is kind of Skin's thing. He also has an appearance that some consider to be "skin melting." He found a way to manipulate his skin and even manipulate pigment melanin to look normal. Of course, this gave him a migraine so he had to stop doing it. He looks terrible and is a gross and lame version of Mr. Fantastic.

The X-Men never truly needed a character like this. We have people who shoot beams out of their eyes, control the weather, control minds, can steal powers, and even teleport. We then have a man with extra skin that is apparently making him grey that he can somewhat manipulate?  The character has been seen as one of the lamest X-Men of all time and his stay on the team was relatively short-lived compared to others on the list.

11 Callisto

Callisto became more recognizable when she appeared in the universally panned X-Men: The Last Stand. She is known for her senses and speed, and particularly her ability to know the classification of each mutant. Obviously these were done to know the power level of each. Her senses, while valuable were not enough to make her stand out. She was the leader of the Morlocks for a period of time, and cared for mutants, but similar to Magneto, she did not have a thing for humans.

Callisto's senses were useful, but she lost them in the House of M storyline. She got them back temporarily through the Terrigen Mist, normally used for the Inhumans. Sadly her returned super senses were far too strong, and rendered her effectively useless.

Her speed is nothing compared to Quicksilver's, so even with the movie role, the character is still disliked by most comic book fans. Oh and let's not forget the crazy tentacle arms. Seriously, these were a thing.

10 Slipstream


The brother of Lifeguard, Slipstream goes down as being just as unlikable, but is at least more useful than his sibling. Slipstream has the ability to generate warp waves to teleport; similar to Nightcrawler, except he can go without having to actually see where he is going. He can normally only teleport himself, but with concentration can sometimes teleport others, which makes his teleport skills less impressive than the aforementioned Nightcrawler. Eventually he is able to teleport across inter-galactic dimensions, which makes him a bit cooler.

So Nightcrawler's able to do the exact same job; and any use of Slipstream over the beloved Kurt Wagner is a crime. He also traveled with a small metal surfboard. What are we trying to do with the guy, make him the Silver Surfer? Come on, you're ripping off something directly from your own universe!

If this was not enough, Slipstream also ends up working for slavers. They tried to explain this away by claiming he was controlled by Cassandra Nova, but it seems like they did not have plans to do this originally. This just made things odd. Fans did not care for Slipstream, to say the least.

9 Bailey Hoskins / X-Ceptional

When you're part of a comic called literally X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever, you know you're not quite up there with the best of all time. Known as X-Ceptional, Bailey Hoskins was your typical hormonal teenage boy, until he learns he has an amazing ability. He can make his entire body explode. You'd imagine, well this is pretty cool. He's like some sort of mini-bomb that can be used at any time to help the X-Men. Oh no, this freak of a child can only blow up once. Obviously, because of this ability, he is useful to have around. However, he has to wear a powered suit to protect him.

Hoskins is the child of mutants, so it made sense that he would end up with a power of some kind. However, he doesn't even know he has a power until he is told about it. He's a human grenade, which is certainly a great use, but if he does end up using his power it would kill him and anyone around him. After all, he is the "worst X-Man ever."

8 Jubilee

Jubilee X-Men

Jubilee is one of those fun characters that was, to most, the ultimate teen of her time. She was actually added to the Uncanny X-Men series in 1989 and was basically a bratty teen of the late '80s/early '90s. She trended with the times, and that is kind of the problem.

Her powers are basically nothing of note-- basically she shot fireworks. She worked well with what Gambit brought to the table, but she wasn't as cool as the Cajun.

Remember how Jubilee was someone added in to work for the times? Shocker, she lost her powers and then eventually became a vampire, which was somehow more tolerable. Despite this, the annoyance of Marvel basically making Jubilee their trend go-to girl has become an issue for fans of the X-Men series.

Jubilee never truly fit, but she did manage to draw enough interest for FOX to want her in the X-Men movie series.

7 X-Man

Nate Grey was just your ordinary random guy who happened to be exactly like well known character in Marvel, Cable. This was because he was somehow an alternative universe version of Cable. The disappearance of the real Cable opened the door for Grey to enter. He was also born out of the relationship of his universe's Jean Grey and Scott Summers. However, he was also affected by genetic tampering from Mr. Sinister.

Originally meant to last a few issues under the X-Man comic, X-Man was added to the normal universe but never landed well with fans, as the original Cable had already been a favorite among fans of the comic series for years. He had all the powers Cable had, but was more powerful. He was even known as the most powerful mutant around during his stay in the X-Men.

What makes things so weird is that his code name, "X-Man", was never explained. The use of the character was absolutely insane as they could have just used the guy we all love-- Cable-- instead of a clone, of sorts. The story of X-Man is over, and that may simply be because of the lack of love the character had.

6 Angel

Angel X-Men

Angel was able to grow angelic wings in his teen years, something his family was not happy about, but many mutants considered him beautiful. Interestingly, he's similar to Wolverine in that he can heal relatively quickly. He is a skilled fighter as well. However, the main thing known of him is that he can fly. Marvel knew the character was useful, but needed to add an edge, so they made him into a weapon of Apocalypse.

Here, he would be known as Archangel. This time, his edge was combined with a unique set of wings similar to what was shown off in the X-Men: Apocalypse film. The character was wonderful as a villain but Angel would eventually turn good again, then back to bad, and so on.

Overall, the character has always been boring because his unique abilities are rarely spoken of and flight is his biggest thing, when we have several heroes that already do that and then some.

5 Joseph

Joseph Magneto Clone

Joseph was somehow a Magneto clone, but played for the good guys to begin with. Already not really liked due to being a clone, Joseph managed to steal Rogue away from long-time partner of sorts, Gambit. This did not sit well with fans at all. The new guy walks in and destroys a beloved relationship? Somehow he has something that Gambit doesn't, so Rogue goes with him. He was basically a one-off boyfriend and honestly, he wasn't a very good of one either. Fans rightfully hated it.

Being a laid-back type of guy, Joseph inevitably... died. He did come back in 2011 in the Magneto: Not a Hero mini-series where he returns from the dead and murders a lot of people. Consistency became an issue, plus Joseph reminded fans of a very terrible character arc and storyline from the comics.

4 Cypher

Cypher was somehow a mutant, but no one knows why he was considered one. Cypher could speak and understand any language he heard. He was a walking Google translate. It was cool to have someone like that around, but this did not qualify him for the X-Men in a world-saving venture. There are devices that can do the same thing as this guy! People dislike Cypher for one main reason: he does not qualify as a mutant.

A lot of the time, there are characters that have annoyingly similar powers to others, so it's fun when new powers are introduced. However, there is no real reason to believe Cypher qualifies as a mutant. One would assume extreme intelligence would come along with this, and it does. Despite this, his intelligence was not utilized until later on, but it is not as if the man is Omega-Level intelligent. He was killed then brought back and would eventually become a strategist for the X-Men and weapons maker. He fits in as a scientist, but not an X-Man.

3 Broo

Broo is possibly one of the most difficult of this list to explain. He's a mutant breed of The Brood race and due to his ability to understand things like friendship and compassion, his own species turned on him and he would eventually take the side of the X-Men. However, Broo is basically a wild animal whose feral habits take over time to time. At one point, this side took over and he decapitated a priest. You know, another day at the office. This was not surprising in the least, as Deathlok told Broo there was a "22.3% chance that in the next three years you will discover a cure for cancer, and a 34.7% chance that during that time you will murder and consume at least four classmates."

Broo is intelligent, but he is ugly, small, and his wild side is a huge risk. He can control this side due to his X-gene, but when he loses his intelligence, he attacks friends and classmates. Truthfully, he comes from an interesting background but he is no better than any other mutant who has high intelligence. It is not shocking that fans have not taken to him well over the years.

2 Emma Frost

Emma Frost has been beloved and hated by fans. To start off, she developed her mutant powers young and it allowed her to hear voices, similar to all telepaths. These voices were the thoughts of those around her-- she knew their secrets and desires. She later joined the Hellfire Club, helping Sebastian Shaw. Due to the club wanting to kill mutants, she and Shaw took down the club and started the "inner circle."

She would eventually join up with the X-Men after being in a coma. She was cared for by Professor Charles Xavier, and when she woke up, she taught at the school. During another attack she found she could turn her skin into diamond. She would be invincible in this skin, but she could not use her telepathic abilities. It also caused her to go cold-hearted, which left her loyalty to the X-Men pretty much always in question. She would then begin a romantic relationship with Cyclops after Jean Grey passed, which got pretty complicated.

In addition, January Jones did not do the character any favors when she played Frost in the X-Men: First Class film. If Frost is properly played in movie form and becomes stable in the comics, people may be cool with her. Not until then.

1 Cyclops

Cyclops Impervious to Power

Voted by almost everyone as the most unpopular X-Men member almost every year is Cyclops, who is hated for the most understandable reasons known to man.

Let's start with the obvious stuff. In the original X-Men comics, Scott whined constantly. From there, Jean Grey dies, he immediately goes out hunting tail. Jean dies again, and he hooks up with a random blonde. She dies again, and then Cyclops starts a thing with a girl who looks exactly like Jean; Madelyn Pryor. She was Jean's clone for those wondering. They marry and have a child, aka Cable. Cyclops then abandons his young wife and child when he finds out Jean is alive, yet again.

He finally marries Jean Grey, then cheats on her with Emma Frost. Jean dies again, and then his relationship with Frost is made official. Because he's an awesome lover, he then stabs Frost literally in the back and takes the powers she just acquires which involved The Phoenix Force.

If all of that doesn't do it for you, he encourages the animal side of X-23, despite Wolverine's wishes, just so he can kill his own son, Cable. This is, of course, after he sends the entire X-Force after Cable. Oh yeah, and he kills Professor X because he disagrees with anyone having The Phoenix Force. These are just some of the many reasons fans hate Cyclops.


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