X-Men: Apocalypse Video - Exploring the Largest X-Film Ever Made

X-Men: Apocalypse sequel set in the 1990s

Director Bryan Singer has been teasing audiences with glimpses of his forthcoming Marvel franchise film X-Men: Apocalypse for quiet some time now, and as such viewer anticipation for the new X-Men movie couldn't be any higher. Regardless of the fact that his next film in the comic book feature franchise has received mixed reviews overall so far, Singer is no doubt still eager to attract audiences the world over to his latest X-Film event in large numbers.

Having already teased plenty of information about X-Men: Apocalypse ahead of its theatrical release next week, Singer and company are gearing up for an X-Men movie to rival all of the previous entries in the franchise, and usher in a third generation of feature films in the ever popular franchise on the big screen. In keeping with that enthusiasm, the latest featurette paints quiet the pretty picture of what may very well be the largest X-Film ever made.

In the footage featured above, Magneto actor Michael Fassbender (Assassin's Creed) and director Singer tease more from X-Men:Apocalypse, whose supporting narrative features the eponymous villain in an active attempt at conquering and destroying the world. If Fassbender and Singer are to be believed, then the latest X-Men feature will indeed be far larger than any X-Film before it, and could usher in the dawning of a new era for the long-running franchise.

X-Men: Apocalypse sequel set in the 1990s

Granted, there isn't all that much more to be gleaned about what is yet to be seen in X-Men: Apocalypse proper, though Singer's undying enthusiasm for the project is still front and center. Singer might just be paying lip service to his own legacy, but here's to hoping all of his bluster thus far will result in a film as magnificent as he claims it to be.

Seeing as how the X-Men feature franchise will continue on after X-Men: Apocalypse with or without Singer, the former director's potential swan song to the franchise will be far from the last outing in the X-Men feature franchise produced on the behalf of distributor 20th Century Fox. But seeing as how Wolverine 3 will also mark the exit of Hugh Jackman, the future of the original comic book series is largely uncertain and could go in any direction in the wake of the largest X-Film yet.

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X-Men: Apocalypse opens in theaters on May 27, 2016, followed by Wolverine 3 on March 3, 2017, and unannounced X-Men films on October 6, 2017 (possibly Gambit), January 12, 2018 (possibly Deadpool 2), and July 13, 2018 (possibly The New Mutants). X-Force is also in development.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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