X-Men: Apocalypse Reshoots Reported to Include [SPOILERS]

X-Men: Apocalypse reshoots details

[SPOILER ahead for X-Men: Apocalypse.]


After the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fox's mutant universe has seen a major shift in continuity. Taking place in the 1980s, the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse seems poised to elaborate upon and explain how the events of the last film have changed and set up a new world -- having already been described as the "culmination" of the First Class movie trilogy.

Despite the major changes and continuity shakeups, it seems that one X-Men constant will remain for the time being onscreen - with Bryan Singer back directing behind the camera, for his fourth (and presumably final) X-Men movie overall on Apocalypse.

According to Le Journal de Montréal (via CBM), the production of Apocalypse will return to Montreal in January 2016 for the customary big-budget movie reshoot a.k.a. "pickup shoot", with Hugh Jackman "on hand" too.

20th Century Fox has yet to officially confirm the inclusion of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the film, but prior reports had indicated that the prop department has created certain items specifically for the character for his X-Men: Apocalypse appearance. If these rumors turn out to be true, it seems possible that moviegoers could be treated to one more brief glimpse of Logan before his final outing in the third Wolverine solo film (arriving in 2017).

Hugh Jackman X Men Wolverine

The inclusion of the clawed Canadian mutant makes sense for Apocalypse. Jackman has appeared in every X-Men film to date - albeit in varying capacities - making him the unofficial face of the Marvel-based franchise. From what has been shown of the film thus far, it seems that the production is aiming for a more outlandish, comic book faithful appearance for the characters Could Wolverine at last don his signature yellow and black costume from the comics? (That costume did appear in a deleted scene from The Wolverine after all).

Original X-Men movie trilogy leads Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart - among many others - have continued to play an essential role in the First Class trilogy, so it's not surprising that they will also be involved in closing out the current run of the series, too (including Jackman's time playing Logan). With such a history of retaining its important actors, it seems quite plausible that the X-Men film franchise would also wind up bringing Jackman in for a role in Apocalypse.

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Deadpool opens in theaters February 12, 2016; X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27, 2016; Gambit on October 7, 2016; Wolverine 3 on March 3, 2017; Fantastic Four 2 on June 9, 2017; and some as-yet unspecified X-Men film on July 13, 2018. The New Mutants is also in development.

Source: CBM

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