Bryan Singer Adds 'X-Men 2' Writers To 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Team

X-Men Apocalypse Movie Writers

Moviegoers have yet to see much on next year's return of the original X-Men movie characters, when mutant heroes and villains from the first trilogy team-up with their younger X-Men: First Class selves in a multi-timeline battle to save the world. The first X-Men: Days of Future trailer, missing most of its special effects, teased the film's massive ensemble cast facing dark times in the past and present, and as we learned from director Bryan Singer there may even be darker times ahead in the yet-to-be-officially-titled X-Men: Apocalypse followup coming in 2016.

It was a surprise announcement when Singer took to Twitter to namedrop one of the greatest X-Men villains from Marvel Comics (Apocalypse) as the central character in yet another franchise installment coming two years after Days of Future Past. Now we have a few more details on who will be writing X-Men: Apocalypse.

James McAvoy, playing the central figure in X-Men: Days of Future Past as a younger, troubled Charles Xavier, confirmed last week what we had heard previously in that he - and presumably the core cast of X-Men: First Class - are contracted to return for X-Men: Apocalypse. We also know that Bryan Singer, who announced the project, will be back directing.

Simon Kinberg, one of the co-writers and producers on the project,  just signed a 3-year deal with Twentieth Century Fox to help write and product larger Marvel stories for the studio that span multiple films and he's involved as well. It was Kinberg, if you didn't know, who pitched to producer Matthew Vaughn the idea of basing the next X-Men movie on the Days of Future Past comics story after all, based on the studio's desire to see some familiar faces in the First Class sequel.

In what will be good news to fans of Singer's early X-Men work, the director revealed last night that he and Kinberg will be joined by writers Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty in writing the story for Apocalypse.

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