X-Men: Apocalypse Video Highlights The Four Horsemen


Leading up to the release of Bryan Singer's much anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse later this May, many fans of the eponymous Marvel franchise are no doubt in a state of near insatiable desire to see the final production and decide for themselves whether or no the wait for the final film in the X-Men: First Class trilogy has truly been worth it. Of late, distributor 20th Century Fox has teased both casual moviegoers and die hard comic book fans with another stunning feature length trailer, in addition to having the entire cast from the new movie grace the cover of Empire magazine in full costume.

Those in the know are likely aware by now that the central force of super-villainy in Singer's presumed to be final take on the X-Men feature franchise will be none other than the Four Horsemen of actor Oscar Isaac's big bad Apocalypse, a team comprised of Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Angel (Ben Hardy), Storm (Alexandra Shipp), and Psylocke (Olivia Munn). For those who might wish to get to know the henchman from Apocalypse a little better prior to the film's theatrical release, the latest behind the scenes featurette for the film examines the Four Horsemen in further detail.

In the footage featured above, Fassbender, Singer, and Munn come together to go over the basic plot trajectory featured in Apocalypse as reflected by the outstanding comic book mythology, wherein Isaac as Apocalypse stands as a primordial mutant once worshipped as God who wishes to amass the powers of all other mutants and lead the world into a new age of tyrannical leadership and dictatorial order. Overlaid over various bits of promotional footage from the new movie, the featurette certainly hints at Apocalypse as being the worst villain seen yet in the X-Men feature franchise, and his Four Horsemen are nothing short of being the most dangerous of super-powered disciples.

The Four Horsemen in X-Men: Apocalypse

Granted, not much more about Apocalypse other than the bits and pieces that have already been put together by the most discerning fan is revealed in the above video. That being said, it would appear that the cast and crew are all in for one heck of a ride, which could result in an X-Men movie unlike anything that has come before - and might just live up to the grandiosity of its subtitle and thematic ambition.

Singer still has quiet a task ahead of him with the theatrical release of Apocalypse looming ever closer, but following the applause lauded onto his X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014, it would appear that the seminal franchise director may have at least one more opus up his sleeve within this particular comic book film universe. With any luck, Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen will prove to be as awe inspiring as all of the promotional footage has hyped them up to be, and moviegoers the world over will be struck by their God-like cinematic presence in kind.

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X-Men: Apocalypse will see theatrical release in the U.S. on May 27th, 2016, followed by Wolverine 3 on March 3rd, 2017, and three unannounced X-Men films on October 6th, 2017 (possibly Gambit), January 12th, 2018 (possibly Deadpool 2), and July 13th, 2018. The New Mutants is also in development.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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