X-Men: Apocalypse Posters Highlight the Film's Heroes & Villains

X-Men: Apocalypse gets a series of character posters that highlight both the heroes (Professor X, Jean Grey) and villains alike (Magneto, Psylocke).

X-Men Apocalypse Posters Highlight Heroes and Villains

Leading up to the release of Bryan Singer's final film in the X-Men: First Class trilogy, aniticipation has been steadily mounting for the battle between the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse and Charles Xavier's designated heroes in X-Men: Apocalypse. Seeing as how the new movie may be Singer's final feature film within the X-Men feature franchise for the time being, all eyes are on him as he attempts to deliver a filmgoing experience to rival and surpass his recent success with 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past.

With Hugh Jackman at least temporarily out of the picture in the new film, Singer has a lot on his plate of he hopes to deliver the kind of epic event that has been billed and intimated as being the grandest battle that the X-Men franchise has seen yet on the big screen. And judging by appearances made by the production's cast and crew on a recent slate of Empire magazine covers, the heroes and villains of X-Men : Apocalypse appear primed to engage audiences the world over - as is further attested by the latest batch of theatrical posters.

Released by 20th Century Fox (h/t CBM), we now have the latest X-Men: Apocalypse character one sheets, featuring players from both sides of the film's impending battle between good and evil. These imposing portraits include some of the same cast members featured in the recently-unveiled Four Horsemen posters - specifically, Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), and Storm (Alexandra Shipp) - along with more straight-forward heroic types like Professor X (James McAvoy) and Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). Despite the absence of the sub-titular big bad of X-Men: Apocalypse himself (being played by Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Ex Machina star, Oscar Isaac), this latest batch of theatrical posters should serve as further indication of the visual tenacity of the latest X-Men film.

You can check out all of the new X-Men: Apocalypse posters below:

X-Men: Apocalypse Poster- Jean Grey

X-Men: Apocalypse Poster - Quicksilver

X-Men: Apocalypse Poster - Mystique

X-Men: Apocalypse Beast Poster

X-Men: Apocalypse Cyclops Poster

X-Men: Apocalypse - Psylocke

X-Men: Apocalypse Magneto Poster

X-Men: Apocalypse Nightcrawler Poster

X-Men: Apocalypse poster - Storm

X-Men: Apocalypse Professor X Poster

At this point in time, it appears unlikely that fans of Singer's X-Men franchise will be greeted with anything short of a blockbuster event sure to blow away even their most wildly held expectations, and might just be the very best film in the franchise yet. If everything falls into place for Singer and company, then the cast and crew behind X-Men: Apocalypse might just pull off the kind of film that all of the footage revealed thus far has intimated as being one of the bigger comic book movies in recent memory.

That being said, only time will tell how well received X-Men: Apocalypse will end up being, by fans and critics alike - though for Singer's sake, one hopes the movie will prove less divisive than Warner Bros. Pictures likeminded blockbuster event Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Until Singer's swan song finally reaches theaters later this May, fans of the franchise can begin reviewing the two preceding films in the First Class trilogy, and look forward to what has been billed as being a jaw-dropping and "epic" finale.

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X-Men: Apocalypse will see theatrical release in the U.S. on May 27th, 2016, followed by Wolverine 3 on March 3rd, 2017, and unannounced X-Men films on October 6th, 2017 (possibly Gambit), January 12th, 2018 (possibly Deadpool 2), and July 13th, 2018. The New Mutants is also in development.

Source: 20th Century Fox [via CBM]

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