X-Men: Apocalypse 'Challenge Room' To Debut at Comic-Con

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Fans will have a chance to take home X-Men: Apocalypse on Blu-ray this October, but the blockbuster superhero film will have a presence at Comic-Con International this week. The latest film had the X-Men teaming up to stop the threat of Oscar Isaac's Apocalypse, which certainly presented quite the challenge. The film was met with a mixed response, but that does not mean it wouldn't be exciting to take on the challenge first-hand.

While 20th Century Fox has already ruled out having a major panel in the San Diego Convention Center's Hall H, they will be showing plenty of support for the studio's X-Men. Given the details, this may actually be a great test for anyone who ever wanted to attend the school for gifted youngsters.

Fox has announced "The X-Men: The Tomb of Apocalypse X-perience," which will incorporate a number of challenges for fans who believe they possess the skills to defeat the world's most powerful mutant, Apocalypse. Located at Booth #3529, this experience will be open daily at Comic-Con, from July 20-24. To participate, fans will have the opportunity to RSVP for "Tomb Time" in the morning, until the day's schedule is full. As a reward, fans who complete the challenge will receive a custom SDCC 2016 X-Men: Apocalypse t-shirt and a souvenir photo. There will be several original costumes from the film on hand, including Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse, Evan Peters’ Quicksilver and Alexandra Shipp’s Storm, which will offer fans photo opportunities as well.

Whether fans are able to participate in the challenge or not, they will all have a chance to pre-order X-Men: Apocalypse on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD or DVD and receive an exclusive limited edition Dazzler vinyl cover, while supplies last.

X-Men Apocalypse Blu-ray

Plenty of films, television shows and games have featured elaborate setups at Comic-Con in the past and Fox is certainly no stranger to going all out. Previous years for Fox have allowed for Alien-themed egg chambers and 3D scanners for customized figurines in association with the 3D Blu-ray release of Predator. As this X-Men challenge room will be located inside Comic-Con's exhibit hall, it likely won't be as physical as The Walking Dead obstacle course or the Assassin's Creed parkour experience, but fans will likely be put into the position of testing their knowledge with the franchise.

This whole thing is certainly a unique concept. Even if the film was not considered by many to match up with the quality of Days of Future Past, there are plenty of X-Men fans at Comic-Con that will be happy to take on the challenge of defeating Apocalypse. Plenty of work goes into setups like these, so there is the potential for this to be one of the cooler activities an attendee can participate in, while dealing with all the crowds and events they are right in the middle of.

Unfortunately, it is because of the large crowds that not everyone will be able to participate. Signing up for a "Tomb Time" will mean scrambling to get to that sign-up sheet in time, likely sacrificing time spent somewhere else that's cool at Comic-Con in the process. At least any fan will have a chance to pre-order the film itself, if so desired.

X-Men: Apocalypse will release on Digital HD on September 9 and Blu-ray on October 4, 2016.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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