X-Men: Anya Taylor-Joy Says New Mutants Are 'Troubled Kids'

New Mutants Brings Aliens into X-Men Movie Universe

In the lead up to any movie beginning, there continues to remain some level of secrecy revolving the plot, cast, and more, but for big budget franchises the stakes are raised even higher. For comic book movies, this means not letting anything slip that the studios do not want fans to know just yet, which in some cases even comes down to whether or not particular people will be involved. As Fox looks to breathe new life once again into their X-Men universe, they are looking for New Mutants to do just that. However, their efforts to keep everything under wraps right now has put Anya Taylor-Joy in an interesting position.

Taylor-Joy has experienced a breakout year thanks to The Witch, which led to her reportedly being eyed for the role of Magik in New Mutants. Unfortunately for her, Fox has yet to confirm whether or not this is true, leaving her in the position of dodging questions regarding her involvement. While she has not yet confirmed her inclusion, she has previously stated that she finds this world fascinating and teased the involvement of James McAvoy's Professor X. She is continuing to play coy about her own role, but is now teasing why she would hypothetically want to be a part of this world.

Taylor-Joy sat down with IGN to discuss her involvement in M. Night Shyamalan's newest film Split, but she was also asked about the New Mutants rumors. She says it would be "an absolute pleasure" to be involved thanks to her former days as a comic book enthusiast, but she also went on to explain how this group of mutants would be different from the main X-Men team.

As a fan, I can just say that New Mutants, they're troubled kids, you know. It's a bit of a darker story. They're not as evolved yet, but that's just my opinion as a fan.

Anya Taylor-Joy Magik New Mutants

The rising actress has found a nice niche in horror flicks so far, but that does not lessen her interest in doing something bigger. As a matter of fact, this is precisely the type of movie she would "hypothetically" love to join.

I think I would love to do it, but that's just because it's something I haven't experienced before. I'm constantly looking for new experiences and that would be a new experience.

While she's still not officially attached to New Mutants, she also revealed that the script is one of the most important parts in getting her to agree to a film. Taylor-Joy could be waiting for the final draft of the script to come in before officially signing on to the project, but with director Josh Boone having his previous writers from The Fault in Our Stars help with the re-write, the time for a decision should be approaching.

Given her lack of denial about being involved with the project and the enthusiasm she has for the property, it would be quite the surprise for her to not be involved when everything is said and done. Plus, it's likely many will agree with her outlook that the appeal of New Mutants will be watching the new group of heroes learn to be superheroes. The premise could give the film a similar feel to X-Men: First Class, but this time with characters that audiences do not have previous connections to. With filming set to begin this May, it's only a matter of time before Taylor-Joy's involvement (or noninvolvement) becomes official.

Source: IGN

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