X-Men 4 With Lost Star As Gambit?

According to, Josh Holloway, who lately has been playing the "kinder and gentler" conman Sawyer on ABC's Lost has stated he's been approached by Fox to play the part of Gambit in X-Men 4.

If this is in fact true, then it confirms that despite the studio announcing that they were done making X-Men movies (yeah, right) they are indeed going ahead with another sequel.

For fans of X-Men 3 this is good news, and it may even be good news for those of us who thought that movie was mediocre. A new movie means another turn at bat and there's always that snowball's chance in hell that if they make it, X-Men 4 could be better.

Holloway said:

"We had a meeting and they wanted me to play Gambit, the card dealer character, they thought I’d be perfect for the part. We’ll see."

He went on to say that he'd love to play a superhero:

"l would love to play a superhero. I’d love to wear a cape and tights"

Last time I checked Gambit doesn't have a cape, although he has worn a long trench coat and does wear tights. :-)


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