X-Men 3: Inspired Casting

In an out of the blue yet inspired decision, Kelsey Grammer (of Frasier fame) has been cast in the role of Beast in X-Men 3. To me this is as out there as when Tim Burton cast Michael Keaton in the role of Batman.

Of course despite the outcry at the time, that actually turned out rather well.

For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Beast is a mutant member of the X-Men (duh) who is genius-level intelligent with a HUGE vocabulary and happens to look like, well, a beast. In the comic he's covered in hair, super agile and is sort of ape-like in appearance. Really he's more of a short, squat character but Bryan Singer got away from that with the Wolverine character and casting of Hugh Jackman and it didn't seem to hurt the role much IMO.

Here's a quote from Avi Arad according to Variety:

"This is a big role in the new movie, and when we met with him, you can see that Kelsey has that you'd-better-have-a-dictionary-handy intelligence..."

Personally I think that if he can bring his "Frasier" personality to the role (minus the neurotic part, of course) he'll be awesome.

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