16He Was The Antichrist

Nightcrawler Pope

He certainly looks the part, but most fans were pretty surprised when a fringe group made Kurt appear to be the Antichrist. It was bad enough that he was dubbed a demon for so many years, but when Kurt decided to become a priest, it backfired when the world saw

him as quite the opposite.

A fringe anti-Catholic group helps him along the way because they want him to replace the Pope and be seen as the Antichrist, which is what happens when everyone sees his blue-black skin, glowing eyes, and cloven-like appendages-- not to mention his demon-like tail. The group also uses him to help deceive followers of the Catholic faith into thinking that they have been "raptured." Instead of purple kool-aid, they got the fuzzy blue demon.

Throughout much of his history, Nightcrawler does follow his faith pretty closely. At one point, he actually enters Heaven. He doesn't fully engage in the heavenly host, feeling as if he still has unfinished business to attend to, and he ends up defending Heaven from an invasion led by the demonic warlord Azazel, whom many know because...

Azazel X-Men
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