X-Force May Start Filming This Fall; Reynolds & Brolin Returning

Deadpool movie spinoff X-Force reportedly starts filming this fall, with Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin back as Deadpool and Cable.

X-Force looks to start filming this October, with both Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin reprising their roles as Wade Wilson/Deadpool and Nathan Summers/Cable, respectively. That means the actors will only have a few months of downtime before they're called back to set to spearhead their growing mutant crew on a brand new adventure, after Deadpool 2 hits theaters in May.

Based on the comic book property created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld in 1991, the X-Force film adaptation has gone through multiple changes in creative personnel. Kick-Ass 2 writer and director Jeff Wadlow was originally tapped to write the screenplay in 2013, before he was replaced by Joe Carnahan last year. The gig ultimately landed on Drew Goddard's lap after that, and it appears as though he will be the one who actually oversees the operation, assuming the latest update on the project is accurate.

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Production Weekly (via Digital Spy) is claiming that X-Force is scheduled to kick off production this October, and that Reynolds and Brolin are already locked in to return as the Merc with a Mouth and his time-traveling pal (sometimes). Given Zazie Beetz's impending debut as Domino in May's Deadpool 2, we assume that she'll also be back for the planned off-shoot. Considering the timeline for making the film, it certainly lends into the possibility that X-Force will be ready to roll-out by 2019 (perhaps in the summer time after New Mutants' release in February next year).

This might further explain why the latest Deadpool 2 trailer heavily hints at the X-Force being introduced in the film. A group shot in the Deadpool, Meet Cable trailer reveals what are presumed to be Deadpool and Cable's cohorts in the upcoming spinoff, along with Domino. Among those who were shown was Terry Crews, who is rumored to be playing either G.W. Bridge or Hammer (both members of the Six Pack), along with two other mutants - one of whom is almost certainly Shatterstar, who was confirmed to appear in Deadpool 2 by Colossus actor Stefan Kapičić earlier this month.

Following the Fox and Disney buyout (which would return the rights to Fox's Marvel IPs to Marvel Studios), it was revealed that Goddard is still attached to X-Force. The project is currently expected to proceed as planned, along with the other X-Men films that are in some stage of post-production at the moment (namely, Deadpool 2X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and New Mutants). At the same time, the fact that Fox is moving forward with so many mutant films and TV shows of their own right now (including, FX's Legion) has left many X-Men fans puzzled, given the impending deal with Disney and Marvel Studios.

Disney CEO Bob Iger initially quelled people's fears of Deadpool being lost in the shuffle of the Disney/Fox sale because of its R rating, indicating that Deadpool sequels remain a priority for the studios. Like so many aspects of the Disney/Fox deal (including, where X-Force will fit in the grand scheme of things), the specific here are being kept under-wraps for the time being.

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Source: Production Weekly (via Digital Spy)

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