Deadpool 2 Writer Wants X-Force To Be 'Raunchier' X-Men

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Deadpool 2 co-writer Rhett Reese reveals that he wants X-Force to be a raunchier version of the X-Men. Having written the first two Deadpool movies alongside Paul Wernick (with the assist from Ryan Reynolds on the sequel), delivering both times, the screenwriter has an idea or two for how to effectively take advantage of the Merc with a Mouth's no-holds-barred humor and fourth wall-breaking activities. And although Wade is soon joining a band of other mutants for a collective mission, Reese still has an idea of what he wants to see in the upcoming spinoff.

Reese and Wernick get a well-deserved rest as Drew Goddard is stepping in to not only direct but write X-Force. The off-shoot is set to continue what Deadpool 2 has started with a brand new adventure for the Merc with a Mouth, Domino, and Cable. Set to start shooting later this year, not much is known regarding the specific plot points of the upcoming movie, but Rhett offers his suggestion, saying that it should be lewder than the X-Men franchise that fans have known.

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In an interview with CBR as part of the press activities for Deadpool 2, the writing duo spoke about the creative process in penning the followup film, especially after the record-breaking success of the original movie. They also offered their thoughts on the future of these characters in X-Force considering where the sequel film left them. Reese offered his two cents on the matter:

“I think the fun part of X-Force is they’re much more morally flexible than the X-Men. They can get their hands dirty a little bit. There’s more grey area. It’ll be raunchier, it’ll be rated R, I’m sure. We’ll get to see an ensemble movie that’s pushed, hopefully, as far as the Deadpool individual movie was pushed.”

Deadpool 2 and the X-Force

It's safe to say that X-Force will also have a similar tone to the Deadpool franchise after fans have already seen how they can be effectively utilized in such circumstance. While Domino and Cable didn't get as raunchy and mouthy as Wade, the forthcoming spinoff project will give them the opportunity to fully take advantage of the R-rating that it will presumably have. It would be jarring to see these characters suddenly tamed and controlled considering their previous stint in Deadpool 2. If anything, the essence of the side-squad as the team who handles more sensitive cases with the same brutality and ruthlessness that differentiated them from the main X-Men should be enough reason for Fox to give Goddard the same creative wiggle room that they did with Deadpool.

Goddard reportedly already has a story for the X-Force movie which he has been working on while filming for Deadpool 2 was taking place - a good thing considering the sequel's events more likely lead to what happens in the spinoff. It's curious, however, how involved Reynolds is when it comes to crafting the upcoming film given his huge influence in the story and writing the first two Deadpool movies. But with a few more characters that need their own shining moments in X-Force, it'll be interesting if he'll have as much say as in previous Fox films with his superhero character solely at the forefront.

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