Drew Goddard Already Has His Own Story For X-Force

Deadpool 2 co-writer Rhett Reese says X-Force writer and director Drew Goddard already has his own story for the spinoff. The original Deadpool is a mostly standalone film that, in typical Wade Wilson fashion, pokes fun at its own confusing connections to the larger X-Men movies brand. Deadpool 2, on the other hand, sets the stage for an X-Force spinoff film series by introducing two of the team's key members from the comic books: Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz).

Truth or Dare director Jeff Wadlow tried to make an X-Force movie some years back, but that version of the project fell apart when Fox decided to move forward with a Deadpool solo film instead. Goddard himself is no stranger to cancelled comic book movies; he was set to spinoff the Sinister Six from The Amazing Spider-Man films, before Sony decided to abandon its plans for that shared universe. Things are expected to work out differently for Goddard this time around, with filming on X-Force rumored to begin as soon as this year.

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The topic of X-Force naturally came up when Screen Rant interviewed Reese and his writing partner, Paul Wernick, at the Deadpool 2 junket. When asked how closely he and Wernick are collaborating with Goddard on X-Force, Reese admitted they haven't started working together yet because Goddard's been too busy:

Not yet because he's off making another movie. I think probably we will moving forward, but, but Drew's not finished with his new movie until the fall and then at that point he's going to clear the deck. Now, he has his own story he's come up with and he's beat it out in his head. I don't know if it's in full outline form yet, so he does have at least a rough plan, but at some point he'll put that to paper and I'm sure we'll discuss it because we're all part of the same universe. We all have to know what each other's doing and then he'll go off and write it and then I'll go off and direct it. So we're excited.

Goddard is currently in post-production on his noir thriller Bad Times at El Royale (the film referenced by Reese) and will start gearing up for production on X-Force once he's done. However, it sounds like he's already got the X-Force story roughly mapped out and may have even started writing the script at this point. The next step for Goddard, as Reese mentioned, will be to meet with the Deadpool writers and figure out where his movie fits in the greater scheme of both the Deadpool films and the larger X-Men movie franchise.

With Deadpool 2 reviews praising Cable and Domino and further celebrating Reynolds' work as the Merc With a Mouth, X-Force is already in good shape as far as the main cast is concerned. Goddard proved his own chops behind the camera on the horror-comedy The Cabin in the Woods and he reads as a smart choice to handle the balance of action and comedy that X-Force calls for. With a rough storyline already in place, it should be mostly smooth-sailing for the spinoff once Goddard finishes Bad Times and turns his full attention to bringing that other mutant superhero team to the big screen.

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