X-Force Movie Will Star Deadpool and Cable

Deadpool and Cable Back to the Future

Thanks to a "leaked" proof of concept video, 20th Century Fox's hand was forced to bring Ryan Reynolds' version of Deadpool to life. Lucky for them, Deadpool wasn't just a really good movie, it's the highest grossing X-Men film to date - and the top earning R-rated film of all-time. This makes the impending start of production and eventual release of Deadpool 2 a no-brainer, and Reynolds already teased the future in the film's post-credits scene by revealing Cable was joining the sequel.

Not only will Cable star in Deadpool 2, he also figured to be a large part of the planned X-Force movie. As he is the traditional leader in the comics and being a fan-favorite character, his casting is very important for the continued success of the universe. Reportedly, Stranger Things' David Harbour tested for Cable in Deadpool 2, but regardless of which actor is cast, they better not get sick of working with Reynolds.

Producer Simon Kinberg has confirmed in an interview with Deadline that X-Force will once again see Deadpool and Cable share the screen, along with "other main characters." This is hardly a surprise as Deadpool too is a prominent member of the team in the comics, but also since Reynolds is their biggest star now. Kinberg teased their relationship and what they bring to the universe by saying:

Then X-Force which is a combination of Deadpool, and Cable – they’re like the Black ops of the X-Men. They’re much darker and have an R-rated decibel.

Deadpool 2 Movie Cable Comic Art

Even though Cable has yet to be cast, it is no surprise to see Fox already planning for the character to have a major role in the grand scheme of things. His power set makes him uniquely gifted and the perfect tool to possibly link everything together later on. Since Cable always figured to be part of the X-Force movie, it is nice to know that Deadpool too will be featured prominently. This does automatically make Cable less of the outright lead in the film, but also makes sense with Reynolds reportedly co-writing the script.

As for Kinberg's other quick remark that other main characters will be appearing, it should be an even bigger Deadpool 2 reunion in X-Force once Domino is confirmed to appear as well. Just like Cable, she has yet to be cast officially, and this could be her chance to have an even bigger role. There are many other possibilities for who could show up, but the phrasing of them being "main characters" could tease the potential for the new Colossus or even Channing Tatum's Gambit making appearances. Regardless, more Deadpool and Cable together should prove to be beneficial for Fox, so hopefully they find a great casting choice.

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Source: Deadline

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