X-Force Was Only in Deadpool 2 to Die, By Design

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The director of Deadpool 2 has confirmed that the X-Force was only meant to die in the sequel. In an exclusive interview with ScreenRant for the upcoming home video release of Deadpool 2, the director speaks alongside star Ryan Reynolds regarding how the team was designed to be doomed from the very start.

Deadpool 2 was released earlier this May as a sequel to the first film in the franchise and focused on continuing the story of the beloved anti-hero Deadpool – also known as Wade Wilson. The sequel, which was directed by David Leitch, follows the struggles of Deadpool after his fiancée, Vanessa, is murdered. In an attempt to overcome his loss and deal with the grief of losing his future wife, Deadpool tries protect a young mutant from the time-travelling villain Cable. The film, which has since been ranked as the third highest grossing R-rated film ever, introduces the X-Force as Deadpool forms the team to save the young mutant Firefist after he’s been kidnapped. However, all members of the team – apart from Deadpool and Domino – meet their ends before their first mission really even begins.

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In an exclusive ScreenRant interview for the home video release of Deadpool 2, the creative team have now confirmed that the X-Force was designed to die from the very beginning. Instead of forming the team to have a major role in the movie, Leitch noted that the X-Force as a group was never meant to have any real relevance to the story and was doomed all along. To trick audiences into thinking that the X-Force's set-up was sincere, they shot fake scenes (like Terry Crews fighting on the streets of Vancouver) to use in the trailers.

"We actually shot that stuff with the whole marketing in mind. There was specific stuff that would knew would be in trailers but would never have any relevance to the story. So the simple answer is they don't go on a mission together or anything like that. By design they were there to die."

Star Ryan Reynolds, who plays the infamous Deadpool while also working as a writer and producer on the sequel, added his own thoughts on the fake trailer shots. While he agreed that it was somewhat manipulative, he thinks that ultimately the payoff was worth it.

“It's a little manipulative, but I like to think it's a good thing. You don't want to give away, you want to be able to fake people out and have them being genuinely surprised sitting in the movie theater.”

In the lead-up to Deadpool 2's release, fans got increasingly hyped about seeing the X-Force make their debut... which they did, technically. Despite the ultimate doom of the short-lived X-Force, it was still an enjoyable portrayal of the comic-book team. In the future, viewers won’t be so quick to believe everything in the trailers and, in typical Deadpool fashion, audiences will be left wondering just what’s really going to happen next.

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The Digital HD release of Deadpool 2 is scheduled for August 7, with Blu-ray and DVD release shortly following on August 21.

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