What Game Is X To Doubt Meme From?

press x to doubt la noire

It's one of the most popular gaming memes but where exactly did "X To Doubt" first come from? Video game memes have steadily risen in popularity in recent years, including Skyrim's Speech 100 meme or Heavy Rain's unforgettable "X To Jason." These memes tend to zero in on one distinctive or bizarre element of their respective games, but there are also more bizarre examples, such as the Google glitch that lead to the creation of the "Who Created Kirby?" meme.

Rockstar Games are no stranger to their titles spawning memes, with the Grand Theft Auto titles and Red Dead Redemption 2 both inspiring peculiar gags. L.A. Noire is one of Rockstar's more low-key titles from 2011 and follows LAPD detective Cole Phelps. The game put more of a focus on detective work, interrogating suspects and searching for clues than creating chaos or getting into shootouts, though it still features a sandbox city littered with side missions for players to find.

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L.A. Noire didn't spawn a sequel though its considered one or Rockstar's most underrated titles. One thing the game did produce with the "X To Doubt" meme, which typically takes the form of a reaction image featuring Phelps, who was portrayed in the game by Arron Staton (Mad Men). "X To Doubt" is used to express extreme skepticism about the truth of a given statement or comment. In the game itself it's used during interrogations, where Phelps can have one of three reactions to a statement; "Truth," if he believes what's being said, "Lie" is he doesn't and "Doubt" if he's not so sure.

la noire doubt option

The "X To Doubt" meme has spread far since it first appeared around 2013, frequently popping up in comment sections in response to a questionable claim or statement. There are variations on the original L.A. Noire image too, where Phelps' comment becomes more and more verbal, including "X To Be Skeptical" or "X To The Story You're Currently Speaking Of Seems Illegitimate."

Like Heavy Rain's "Press X To Jason," L.A. Noire's "Press X To Doubt" meme has proven remarkably versatile for such a simple joke. Unfortunately, there's little sign of L.A. Noire 2 being in development at Rockstar Games, meaning the franchise won't be producing fresh memes for fans anytime soon. That said, it took nearly a decade for Red Dead Redemption 2 to arrive, so there's always a chance L.A. Noire 2 might appear eventually - which ironically, is a perfect chance to use the X To Doubt meme.

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