The X-Files: Robbie Amell & Lauren Ambrose Returning For Season 11

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Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose are set to return for The X-Files season 11. The 10-episode season is a continuation of The X-Files' 2016 revival, which ran a scant six episodes. Early reports say that the majority of season 11 will be standalone episodes, with only the premiere and finale concerning the ongoing alien conspiracy mythology. This mirrors the setup of season 10, although with nearly the double the number of episodes this time around, many fans had assumed that there would be a more balanced distribution between the two episode types.

During season 10, two new characters were introduced that went on to prove popular with X-Philes, FBI Special Agents Miller (Amell), and Einstein (Ambrose). The duo bore a striking resemblance to a young Mulder and Scully, with Miller quick to believe in and accept supernatural causes for events, while Einstein always attempted to prove that there was a rational scientific explanation for everything. Their dynamic with both each other and Mulder and Scully was often amusing, especially since they tended to get paired off with the older agent they didn't share belief systems with.

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Thankfully, TV Line reports that Amell and Ambrose are set to reprise the roles of Miller and Einstein during season 11, although it's not clear how many of the 10 episodes they will appear in. After the two actors proved to have great chemistry last time out, there were briefly rumors floated that X-Files creator Chris Carter was considering giving Amell and Ambrose their own spinoff. These rumors were never confirmed or denied by Carter.

David Duchovny and Lauren Ambrose in The X-Files Season 10 Episode 5

Amell and Ambrose are only the latest X-Files cast members to return for season 11. It was recently announced that Annabeth Gish is set to come back as Monica Reyes - after making a brief appearance in season 10 - while Mitch Pileggi is set to once again play Mulder and Scully's trustworthy boss, FBI assistant director Walter Skinner. One assumes it's also likely that William B. Davis will reprise the sinister role of the seemingly impossible to kill Cigarette-Smoking Man again as well, but his return has yet to be confirmed.

The X-Files' revival scored big in the ratings for FOX, proving that there was still a clear appetite for more Mulder and Scully adventures in the paranormal. If season 11 performs to that level again, one wonders just how many more times The X-Files department will be re-opened going forward. They may be the bureau's most unwanted, but FOX definitely wants them to stick around for now.

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The X-Files season 11 airs in 2018 on FOX.

Source: TV Line

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