X-Files: 'Home' Actor Playing Multiple Roles for Season 11

The X-Files actress Karin Konoval - who played a memorable role in the episode 'Home' - is returning to play multiple roles in season 11.

'Home' actress Karin Konoval will return for The X-Files season 11. During The X-Files' original run on FOX, one of the most famous aspects of the show became the creepy monsters and creatures that Mulder and Scully would encounter on a fairly regular basis. Yet, perhaps the most unsettling episode in X-Files history centered on a family of monsters that were all too human, albeit mutated to the point of being able to survive things that would probably kill a normal person.

While a few "monster of the week" X-Files episodes would eventually get follow-ups, 'Home' never received one, which in many ways helped maintain its mystique. After all, for all anyone knew, the dangerous Peacock family were still out there, committing unspeakable acts with both each other and on anyone unfortunate enough to cross them. All, no doubt, while the upbeat song "Wonderful! Wonderful!" plays in the background, just for extra weirdness.

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Well, while a sequel to 'Home' still isn't on the X-Files agenda, a key actress from that episode will indeed be coming back for more fun with Mulder and Scully. Karin Konoval - who played Mrs. Peacock, the mother of 'Home's mutated clan - will be returning soon. According to EW, Konoval will be playing multiple roles in an early episode of season 11, which is set to air in early 2018. This news was relayed to the site directly by X-Files creator and showrunner Chris Carter.

Amusingly enough, many fans actually did previously think that a 'Home' sequel would be coming, as part of 2016's X-Files season 10. One of the six episodes that made up that season was titled 'Home Again,' and before too long, a rumor had spread around online that it was intended to be a follow-up to 'Home's story. This rumor turned to be quite wrong, as 'Home Again' had nothing in common with 'Home' from a narrative standpoint, although it was written by 'Home' co-writer Glen Morgan.

While it remains to be seen what Konoval will be doing in season 11, she'll be joined by a lot of familiar X-Files faces. Set to return to the series's supporting cast so far are FBI assistant director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), season 8 and 9 X-Files agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish), and the enigmatic Cigarette-Smoking Man (William B. Davis.). Also coming back for season 11 are Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose, who made their debuts in season 10 as Mulder and Scully-like young FBI agents Miller and Einstein, respectively.

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The X-Files season 11 premieres in January 2018 on FOX.

Source: EW

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