The X-Files Season 11 May Air During 2017 TV Season

The X-Files season 11 may debut in 2017

Originally premiering on FOX in 1993, The X-Files proceeded to become one of TV’s longest-running science fiction series ever, spanning 202 episodes across nine seasons and a feature film of the same name, together with The X-Files: I Want to Believe in 2008. The series revolves around FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as they investigate a series of unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena, also known as the “X-Files”, only for them to later discover that they have been pawns within a larger government conspiracy all along.

The X-Files proved to be a hit for the network with an increase in ratings every year for the first five seasons. The cult series quickly became a criterion of popular culture, receiving multiple nominations and awards to support the largely positive reviews that circulated during its run. It’s perhaps unsurprising, then, that when the X-Files were eventually filed away, fans continued to push for a third movie to tie together the remaining loose plot lines. In response, FOX instead announced a six-episode limited series revival of the show, with Chris Carter as the writer and executive producer, and Duchovny and Anderson reprising their roles alongside other returning stars Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis and Annabeth Gish.

In light of the fact that the show hadn’t been on air for around 14 years, there was an enormous logistical hill that the revival series had to climb over, but viewers everywhere still wanted to believe and the series inevitably became another ratings success for FOX. Consequently, X-Philes should be pleased to learn that the wait between seasons might not be quite as long this time around.

Although nothing is official at this time, TV Line reports that network chairman and CEO Dana Walden appears positive that there will be an X-Files season 11 in the pipeline. During a recent conference call concerning FOX’s 2016-17 schedule, Walden confirmed that there had been “conversations” with series creator Chris Carter and the lead stars, but due to some scheduling conflicts it seemed likely that the series won't air until the 2017-18 TV season (at the earliest):

“I believe that everyone is on board to do another installment of the show. Hopefully this time next year we will have more news.”

X-Files Season 11 WLWM

Similarly, in February, Carter also expressed confidence in the continuation of the ever-growing franchise:

“I can’t imagine, with the ratings that we’ve got and the way we ended this season, that there won’t be more X-Files. They will find a way to get that done. Because I spoke about it briefly with [Fox CEO] Dana Walden… so there’s an appetite there and… a chance certainly to find how we’re gonna get ourselves off this precipice.”

Of course, here, he is referencing the polarizing series finale, whereby the season arguably veered off course in its search for the truth and ended on an irresolute cliffhanger, which in turn set up some intriguing threads for a follow up season.

Even though the final episode was met with a mixture of lukewarm to negative reviews from critics, 83% of the respondents in TV Line’s Keep or Cut poll urged FOX to renew the series. These statistics show evidence of a loyal and committed fan-base, seemingly willing to give Carter another chance to shake off the cobwebs and return to the drawing board, down in the basement.

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Screen Rant will keep you updated on the return of The X-Files as more information becomes available.

Source: TV Line

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