'X-Files' May Revisit Classic 'Home' Storyline in Season 10

'The X-Files'

Recent reports have said that Fox is planning on bringing Prison Break back to the airwaves. While that news will surely please the show's existing fanbase, it does pale in comparison to the network's announcement that The X-Files would live on in a six-episode run next year.

We've already established the tremendous influence Chris Carter's creation has had on television since its debut in 1993. Now details about the new run of episodes have begun to trickle out, with Joel McHale the first confirmed new addition to the cast.

We already know that Carter's plans to recapture the magic of the series extend to bringing back as many familiar faces as possible to join stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. However, TVLine is reporting that the new X-Files will have even closer narrative ties to the original run.

According to the site, episode 2 of the new season may be a sequel of sorts to the season 4 episode "Home," which aired way back in 1996. That standalone episode (which was also the second to air in its respective season) saw Mulder (Duchovny) and Scully (Anderson) travel to Home, Pennsylvania, where their investigation of an infant's death leads them to the deformed Peacock family. "Home" was the first X-Files episode to receive the "viewer discretion advised" warning at the front of the episode and has since become a fan-favorite.

'The X-Files' season 4 episode "Home"

The fact that the new season's offering is titled "Home Again" may be enough to suspect a connection between the two episodes, but the season 10 adventure is also written and directed by Glen Morgan, who scripted "Home" with James Wong two decades earlier. Moreover, the new episode is said to feature a terrifying and strange new character credited as "Band-Aid Nose Man" who may rival the Peacock family as a memorable antagonist for Agents Mulder and Scully to go up against.

Duchovny previously revealed that the revival series will balance standalone stories with the larger X-Files mythology. Revisiting an episode as acclaimed and memorable as "Home" is certainly a smart move, especially considering how much the success of the new season will largely depend on the nostalgia factor. Longtime fans will be tuning in to see if Mulder and Scully's latest adventures can measure up to the benchmark set by the show's original run. The decision to have a case lead them back to the small town of Home may be a good sign that Carter and company may have a few tricks up their collective sleeve to surprise fans.

Are you excited about paying another visit to "Home"? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.


The X-Files revival series will premiere on FOX at 10pm on Sunday, January 24, 2016.

Source: TVLine

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