David Duchovny Hints at X-Files Continuation on FOX

David Duchovny wishes his fellow X-Files star Gillian Anderson a happy birthday, complete with a tantalizing hint about the series' future.

The X-Files season 11 may debut in 2017

With all the acceptance of geek and nerd culture in today’s society, it’s easy to forget that this wasn’t always the case. Comic books and science fiction may be the tentpoles of Hollywood and TV now, but in the '90s mainstream culture wasn’t fully ready to embrace the geek in any meaningful way. As with most cultural shifts, it was a change that began with smaller steps, and while we’re living in a golden age of the geek today, it’s arguable that none of this could have happened without the booming popularity of The X-Files.

Originally spanning nine seasons on FOX and starring David Duchovny (Aquarius) and Gillian Anderson (American Gods), the show catapulted the backbone of geek culture directly to the mainstream with its serious, intelligent handling of science fiction and horror tropes. After a disappointing cinematic outing, the second from the series, with 2008’s The X-Files: I Want to Believe, fans' wishes for a TV continuation were granted earlier this year on FOX. The six-episode mini-series event, and its cliffhanger conclusion, left fans wanting even more, and now it seems we may have gotten a hint about future possibilities.

Duchovny tweeted out a birthday greeting to his co-star Anderson, who turned 48 today. The seemingly innocuous tweet is, if nothing else, a reminder of the great relationship between the two, whose chemistry was a large part of the show’s thrust into mainstream consciousness. But the wording of the tweet has left some wondering if there’s not a double-entendre laced into the subtext, fueling speculation of the possibility of more X-Files in the future.

Happy Birthday, Gillian. If you see Dana, tell her Fox says she might wanna polish up the ol' badge soon-ish. Love, D

— David Duchovny (@davidduchovny) August 9, 2016

Duchovny, of course, played Fox Mulder in the series, which also aired on FOX. It could be that the actor was just playfully teasing the actress about her character, Dana Scully, but given recent rumors about an 11th season being discussed by FOX, some are speculating that that the actor had ulterior motives with the wording of his tweet. Is Duchovy saying “Fox [Mulder]” or “[the] Fox [network]”?

Indeed, FOX has recently said that talks about a new season of the series are currently underway, and the rumor mill is running rampant with speculation. Just yesterday, it was announced that a new season, should it happen, would be longer than the shortened season we got this year—a sign of the show’s continuing popularity—and both Duchovny and Anderson have previously expressed desires to return to the characters that made them famous. With all that to consider, it’s more than possible that Duchovny was slyly referencing FOX in his tweet.

Scary TV - X-Files

Either way, a new season seems almost inevitable at this point. The updated series was one of the most popular shows of its quarter, and its frustrating cliffhanger seemed tailored to entice network executives to renew the series for at least another season. While frustrating to fans, the lack of a real conclusion was a bold play by series creator Chris Carter. Rather than quell the internet demands for more X-Files, he merely incited fans to keep the pressure on FOX to give us more.

Even if Duchovny wasn’t referencing FOX in his tweet, it’s certainly a good indication of the willingness of the cast and crew to return for more. That, itself, is good news and, hopefully, the network will make its indications known soon. At any rate, we wish Anderson a happy birthday, and maybe the network will have some good news as a surprise gift.

We’ll keep you posted on all X-Files news as it develops.

Source: David Duchovny

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