'X-Files' Revival Teaser Trailer: The Truth is (Still) Out There

Much like it did with 24 in Summer 2014, in the early goings of 2016 Fox is going to bring back one of its most defining TV shows, The X-Files, for a six-episode event series that many are itching to set their eyes upon. Now, with production underway in Vancouver, the network has released two new promos, the first of which (above) contains all sorts of new footage from the upcoming set of episodes.

As for the second promo (see below) - it’s more of a fun graphical teaser promoting the ongoing digital campaign by the network to encourage fans to watch one episode of the series every day for the 201 days leading up to the January launch.

The most perplexing thing about The X-Files’ return, at the moment, has been its marketing. Despite the fact that stuff was available to show given production timing, Fox opted not to make a splash with Mulder and Scully at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Then, instead of waiting to drop this promo with the season finale of its biggest summer series, Wayward Pines, the network chose to release it during the series’ penultimate episode. So what’s to explain the seemingly scattershot marketing that’s currently taking place?

It was always strange that Fox didn’t wait until the summer of 2016 to launch an X-Files return like the network did with 24: Live Another Day. It would have given the network something to shoot for, rather than turning one of television’s most beloved sci-fi institutions into nothing more than a middling midseason filler. However, the show’s getting a great chance to succeed by launching in January off one of the biggest sporting events outside of the Super Bowl itself, the NFC Championship.

Overall, what we’re seeing from The X-Files looks like the kind of things we want to see. The look is right, the tone is right and, fingers cross, the story will be right as well. It’s just too bad that the marketing has been so strangely paced thus far. However, Fox has the Emmys this year, so if the network plans on releasing a first full trailer at any point in the coming months, that could be the place to do it.

The X-Files premieres Sunday, January 24th, 2016 after the NFC Championship Game on Fox.

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