New X-Files Promo & Poster Remind You to 'Trust No One'

FOX has released a new promo for the revival of The X-Files, along with a new poster featuring one of the series' most well-known villains.

X-Files 2016 - Reviews Previews Premiere

At New York Comic-Con, the premiere of The X-Files revival series (which is set to take place this January) was met with a stellar reaction from fans and mixed reaction from critics. It can be said the biggest problem with the episode is that it basically exists to return the show to its status quo. But given that the series hasn't been on TV for more than a decade, it makes sense for the show to come back with something akin to an introduction of the series.

The hope for the subsequent episodes is that once the foundation is re-laid, the show will be able to get back to doing what it does best, creeping people out in very creative ways. Luckily, based on the new promo that was just released this evening, the show seems to be doing just that.

While this new promo doesn't reveal much, the new footage on display is certainly convincing that this revival series might actually turn out to be okay. Seeing a return to form for two of TV's best FBI agents is a welcome sight indeed.

But the promos weren't the only X-Files related material to hit the web today, as the network also put out a brand new poster teasing the return of series favorite, Cigarette Smoking Man:

In addition to this ad, three more brand new promos leaked onto the Internet. During the hour they were up, fans got a chance to see what else the show has cooking. From these short clips, it seem things will really be getting good once the premiere episode does its thing. Chris Carter and crew appear to have put a lot of effort into their new monster-of-the-week episodes (of which there will be four), and they may just be the most promising part of the show’s return.

The artfulness to the various pieces of X-Files marketing materials has also been something to enjoy about the campaign. It wasn’t too long ago the network graced viewers with an all-new animated promo that was equal parts adorable and creepy. So far, these have been terrific pieces of marketing that are really going to get the word out about the show, as we head into the thick of television’s fall season.

The X-Files returns January 24th, 2016 after the NFC Championship Game on Fox.

Source: FOX

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