The X-Files Promo Art & Images Shine a Light On the Series' Return

Agents Skinner, Mulder, Scully and the CSM in a new X Files Poster

It has been 22 years since The X Files first aired, introducing the world to the UFO-chasing FBI agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), his skeptical partner, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), and their quest to uncover government conspiracies. In a revival that is highly anticipated by longtime fans of the series, the pair will return in January of 2016 to investigate new paranormal activities in a six episode FOX miniseries.

We already know that we will find Mulder and Scully in a very different place from where we left them after nine seasons and the follow-up film The X Files: I Want To Believe. Series creator/showrunner Chris Carter has already explained their break up, and that the short run will largely focus on monster of the week episodes, rather than on the already dense mythology. We now have a closer look at some returning favorites as well as some promotional art for the series.

Actor Mitch Pileggi played Assistant F.B.I. director Walter Skinner for the entirety of the series, beginning as a small role that grew with every season, culminating in his signing on as main character by season 9. Since the confirmation of his appearance on the show went public, Pileggi has occasionally been tweeting updates about the series. He has released three new images for The X Files, one of which features himself and “The Cigarette Smoking Man” (William B. Davis) who he once conspired with. Check out the photos, below:

New #TheXFiles Art!

— Mitch Pileggi (@MitchPileggi1) November 10, 2015

And even more importantly! #TheXFiles

— Mitch Pileggi (@MitchPileggi1) November 10, 2015

And… #TheXFiles

— Mitch Pileggi (@MitchPileggi1) November 10, 2015

Seeing Mulder and Scully together again is always a welcome sight, and these images do manage to capture the mood of the original show. The darkness and light theme continues, as they hammer home that we are to "Trust No One." Interestingly, in the second image Skinner and CSM are on opposite ends, possibly hinting at renewed conflict between the two, or this could just be positioning.

Unfortunately for us, these images only serve to highlight FOX's excellent marketing, rather than revealing any new information about what is to come. After all of the speculation around the show and the hints that this special event could lead to more -- either a follow up film, more episodes, or a spin off featuring Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose -- it is exciting to be so close to new episodes of the actual show again.

The X-Files returns January 24th, 2016 on FOX.

Source: Mitch Pileggi

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