X Files Poster And Trailer News

As the July 25th release date draws near it would appear that the marketing machine for the new X-Files movie is really starting to get into gear.

Firstly, earlier this week the trailer for the film was shown at the Paley Festival (bootleg copies have sprung up all over the Internet) and now the poster to the second spin-off from the hit series has appeared on X-Files News. An interesting thing to note is that the website for the film is now up and running. Nothing much, except a few pictures that we have already seen and synopsis that gives nothing away.

Now, for those looking for the trailer, look elsewhere. You won't see it here until it is released officially by 20th Century Fox, which should be quite soon.

However, if you continue reading then you'll see the first teaser poster for the Sc-Fi spin-off.

It's not a bad poster, it's just not great, but it does tease, and that is the point of a teaser poster is it not?

At the Paley Festival Chris Carter also said that the new film picks up six years after the show and that it would be a "monster of the week" type film. I know, I know that's not news, but it does stop rampant speculation about the film's time frame.

Producer and co-writer of the film Frank Spotnitz added :

"It will not be a mythology movie, but it's true to everything that's come before."

These guys don't give anything away!

What is interesting is that Carter and 20th Century Fox haven't decided on the title of the film. Carter is quoted as saying:

"I know what I want it to be, but Fox has ideas of their own. I know what it should be."


The X-Files sequel opens July 25th, 2008.

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