Why The X-Files Season 11 is Gillian Anderson’s Last

The X-Files Gillian Anderson Dana Scully

The X-Files star Gillian Anderson, who plays Dana Scully, revealed why season 11 will be her last and she won’t return for a season 12. As The X-Files season 11 was getting ready to make its big debut, one bit of information overshadowed the excitement of the occasion. Anderson announced this would be her final run as agent Dana Scully and she would not be returning to the role again once season 11 had concluded. Naturally, fans were shocked and wanted to know why. Anderson wasn’t immediately forthcoming with the answer, so fans were left feeling a bit melancholy heading into season 11.

Obviously, Anderson’s role as Scully has been the most well-known performance of her career, with the character stretching across nearly 25 years. But she has by no means been limited to that iconic role. Anderson has found success in movies and TV alike, with some of her more recent notable roles including characters on the Hannibal TV series as well as the adaption of American Gods. So clearly Anderson is not just getting sick of acting.

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However, with FOX also confirming that the X-Files won’t be continuing if Scully is gone, fans have still been craving some closure as to what is making Anderson leave. We only recently got The X-Files back, so could it really be gone again so soon, or would Anderson be willing to negotiate? She finally expanded on her feelings at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, as reported by Deadline:

There’s lots of things I want to do in my life and in my career. It’s been an extraordinary character, but there’s lots of things to do and I don’t want to be tied down doing one thing.


That answer certainly makes sense when seeing how she has continued to take on new roles over the years. It’s not as if Anderson has just been sitting around twiddling her thumbs with nothing to do when The X-Files wasn’t on TV. So apparently she was fine coming back to give the show a more ceremonious send off than it originally had and letting Scully have one last hurrah, but she’s ready to move on from that part of her life now. And for those who think she’s just playing up her other acting options in the hopes of FOX maybe offering more money, Anderson makes it clear she’s adamant about this.

“It wasn’t suggested that now is a new series, but I’m serious,” said Anderson. “I’m finished.” Apparently Scully’s sendoff has already been filmed, so depending on how that was handled, there may be no turning back at this point. And for her part, Anderson seems conflicted over how to feel about this chapter closing, finding the question difficult to answer when asked about her thoughts on this being the end.

So it sounds like fans better enjoy The X-Files season 11 while it lasts, because this may be the last of the series we see. Though given how many shows of the past have been revived in recent years, this is one case that may not be able to be put to rest for good for some fans.

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The X-Files season 11 is currently airing on FOX on Wednesdays at 8 Eastern time.

Source: Deadline

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