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Biogenesis - Complete Guide to The X-Files's Mythology

The building blocks of life may have arrived on Earth thanks to a meteorite (probably originating from Mars), but it was a race of extraterrestrials that made mankind into what it is today – a series of UFOs arrived on the planet millions of years ago, covered in verses

that would eventually find their way into all of man’s various religious texts and written in a language that would ultimately reemerge as a Native American dialect. It would seem that the aliens shaped man more or less into their image physically, as well, although evolution would take its course, turning off most of the aliens’ physiology and rendering it into what scientists now call junk DNA. (Occasionally, a human is born with at least some of this DNA activated, giving him such abilities as telepathy; the series refers to these individuals as being “more human than human.”) It remains unknown why these extraterrestrials created humanity or whether they’re responsible for other civilizations on other planets, as well.

Also arriving on that meteorite was an already-evolved lifeform, an alien virus that has since come to be called Purity. This virus is sentient and is able to function by invading a host species and transforming it into an alternate, perhaps more ideal (for defensive purposes) form. Purity flourished as the original inhabit of the planet until the next ice age began; extreme cold is one of the virus’s few weaknesses, and it was forced to abandon all of its various hosts and travel deep underground, where it eventually hitched another ride – this time within oil, another medium that can be perfectly manipulated (hence Purity’s nicknames as the Black Oil or the Black Cancer throughout the show).

The two opposing alien factions - Complete Guide to The X-Files's Mythology
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