X-Files: Annabeth Gish Announces Season 11 Return

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During the 1990s, there were few dramas as popular as FOX's The X-Files. Whether one tuned in for the will they/won't they relationship between Mulder and Scully, the complex government conspiracy mythology, or just to see creepy monsters, The X-Files managed to ascend to the very height of pop culture for a large portion of its 9-season run. Near the end of said run, co-lead David Duchovny decided to make a go of it as a movie star, sitting out most of seasons 8 and 9.

Not wanting to prematurely stop milking The X-Files cash cow, FOX and creator Chris Carter sought to fill the Mulder-shaped void with additional FBI special agents, first the sternly skeptical John Doggett (Robert Patrick) and the much more open to possibility Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish). With Scully sometimes taking a backseat herself by season 9, there were rumors at the time that Carter and FOX planned to try and keep The X-Files going with just Doggett and Reyes, even if Duchovny and co-star Gillian Anderson left permanently.

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Sadly, the magic just wasn't there, at least to the degree shared by Mulder and Scully. Thus, The X-Files ended, only to eventually be resurrected in 2016, with Mulder and Scully back at center stage. However, the short era of Doggett and Reyes wasn't entirely forgotten, as Reyes showed up briefly in the season 10 finale to reveal some vital information to Scully just when she needed it the most. With season 11 on the horizon for 2018, Gish took to Instagram recently to reveal that she'll be returning as Reyes again next year. Check out her post below.

Shall we? #iwanttobelieve?#monicareyes #xfiles

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It remains to be seen how much of season 11's 10-episodes that Reyes will play a part in, but it's safe to assume Gish won't be coming back again just to do another one-off appearance. One wonders if her former partner and friend, Doggett, will see fit to make his X-Files return next year, too, after sitting out season 10. Even if he wants to though - and Carter and company want him back - Patrick might just be too busy with his current gig as a regular on CBS drama Scorpion.

In addition to Mulder, Scully, and now Reyes, Mitch Pileggi was previously confirmed to return as well, once again reprising his role of FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner. One wonders just how many supporting characters from X-Files past may be able to come back this time, with season 11's increased length over season 10's all too brief 6-episodes. Based on season 10's ratings though, one thing's for sure: X-Files fans still think the truth is out there.

The X-Files season 11 premieres in 2018 on FOX.

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