Rumor Patrol: X-Files 3 Moving Forward?

X-Files News (can't believe that's actually a site) recently nabbed a jewel during their world-spanning watch of all things X-Files: quotes from Gillian Anderson at a Sarajevo film festival that basically allude to the fact that she would be willing to return for a third X-Files movie and (that in fact) there is one currently in the planning stages, with 2012 mentioned as a possible production or release date (details are unclear).

If you're suddenly thinking to yourself, "Another X-Files flick? WTH???" Then my friend, you are not alone.

Ok, so there's been some issue regarding the exact quote that came from Anderson's (lovely) lips, but here are the two translations that X-Files News has managed to obtain from the foreign correspondents who covered the festival:

Translation 1: "The third movie, according to her, is in early stages and should be filmed by 2012!"

Translation 2: "The new XF-movie is, by her knowledge in preparation and should be filmed during 2012."

So... Two statements that point to the same event (X-Files 3) with very different interpretations of the where/when. Great.

Stateside, we thankfully have Bloody-Disgusting to help sift through the rumors: the horror site backs up our earlier reports that there has in fact been at least talk of doing X-Files 3, ever since the (abysmal) last film, I Want To Believe still managed to take around $70 million at the worldwide box office. Bloody-Disgusting adds that the rumors they've heard peg the next film as a possible reboot, which wouldn't be all that surprising considering Hollywood's current trend of recycling old concepts into (semi-)new films.

But why bother? We have new shows like Fringe or even Supernatural that have come along and successfully filled the void left by The X-Files - why not focus on developing those series into FRESH feature film franchises? How much evidence of X-Files' dwindling popularity and relevance does the studio need to see before they call it quits?

Of course this is all still just RUMOR for now, so if there is even a sliver of truth to it, hopefully everyone involved will read the damn writing on the wall and pull out before they get in too deep.

What do you think: X-Files 3, thumbs up? Or two thumbs WAY down?

Sources: X-Files News & Bloody-Disgusting

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