Gillian Anderson Offers ‘X-Files 3’ Update; Wants to Be a Ghostbuster

Gillian Anderson Talks X-Files 3

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the former stars of iconic sci-fi series The X-Files, have both been enjoying successful TV careers of late, with Duchovny's comedy drama series Californication finally bowing out after seven seasons of going from strength to strength in the ratings, and Anderson recently promoted to series regular in NBC's critically-adored show Hannibal.

Many X-Files fans are still holding out hope that the franchise isn't completely dead, however, and last year the show's creator Chris Carter said that he had an idea for a third movie, adding that that the main cast members were all "interested in putting the band back together" - if Twentieth Century Fox was willing. Since then there has been a long stretch of time with no news, but Anderson is the the latest X-Files player to offer a new reason to believe.

Speaking in a Reddit AMA promoting the upcoming release of her novel, "A Vision of Fire", Anderson was asked if there had been any progress made in the effort to produce a third X-Files movie, to which she gave the cryptic answer, "Uh....uh... uh... Sorta kinda. Keep your ears to the ground." Obviously that's far from definitive proof that another X-Files movie is on the way, but it is a tantalizing promise that we could hear more concrete news in the near future.

Ghostbusters 3 Director Ruben Fleischer

One recent piece of movie news that has caused a bit of a stir is the long-gestating Ghostbusters 3 being melted down and reformed as a hard reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise, which will be directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) and feature an all-new team of female Ghostbusters. Even one of Ghostbusters 3's longest-standing skeptics, Bill Murray, has expressed support for Feig's vision, but a lot of people are reserving judgement until the new Ghostbusters cast is revealed.

If Anderson gets her way, one of the new Ghostbusters will be her. When asked if she'd consider joining the all-female Ghostbusters line-up, Anderson wasted no time in excitedly pleading for a chance to star in the movie.

"OH MY GOD, I just looked it up online. Paul Feig, cast me now! Start a Twitter petition! I'm free!!!!! I'm free I'm free and I'm funny, goddamnit! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!"

Details about Feig's planned Ghostbusters movie triggered a considerable amount of kneejerk backlash against the very idea of an all-female team of Ghostbusters, while other moviegoers were simply unimpressed by Feig's previous movies (The Heat and Bridesmaids) and unenthusiastic about the idea of him rebooting such an iconic property. A strong cast could be just what is needed to turn the tide of public opinion, and the concept of Agent Scully vs. ghosts is pretty enticing. Just saying...

We'll keep you updated on Ghostbusters 3 as development continues.

Source: Reddit (via Polygon)

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