X-Files 3 Straight To DVD? [Updated]

[UPDATE: This rumor has been debunked]

I think that it is pretty safe to say that The X-Files: I Want To Believe was a bit of a disappointment, both commercially and critically. And to make matters worse, it also let down a lot of fans.

X-Files fans are a dedicated bunch who helped the show become a phenomenon and to disappoint them is a pretty big deal. As Screen Rant's resident X-File fan even I was a bit let down by the film.

Before the release of the second feature there was a lot of talk of the franchise continuing in a series of films, but due to the poor box office ($20 million domestic) it looked like The X-Files had come to its natural conclusion.

But has it?

Dread Central got a scoop that states a third film in the series is a go - but it will be heading straight to DVD.

Is this a real possibility or have we seen the end of Mulder and Scully?

It's a tough call.

I Want To Believe was made on a modest $30 million budget, and it should make back its production costs when the international gross is factored in. So with DVD sales and television rights taken into account the film should turn a healthy profit.

Dead Central's source said:

"I understand - there was room for improvement ... and there still might be. I work for Screaming Death Monkey and Spotnitz - the TERRIFIC Frank Spotnitz - told us this week that the team have already spoken about the next X-Files film. It's likely the next release will go direct to DVD - but they're working on the assumption they'll have a similar budget."

BTW - Screaming Death Monkey is a production facility, and I don't know if "the TERRIFIC Frank Spotnitz" is sarcasm or not. I'll take it that it is not.

I can't imagine the filmmakers having $30 million to spend on a third film, but it is a low(ish) budget so there is a chance that this has some truth to it. Also the direct to DVD tag is gaining a better reputation these days, with a lot of the titles (mostly sequels to theatrical features) making a healthy profit and getting some acclaim.

However would David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson want to be associated with a series of direct to DVD features? They both seemed to be happy to have made another X-Files feature - but was that because it was on the big screen? Who knows, it's not like they need the cash. If they do like their characters that much, and this price was right they might be willing to return.

As an X-File fan I'd love to see a third film, I'd love it on the big screen but if it's straight to DVD then so be it. There are plenty of ideas for the series to continue, but I feel that they need to focus on solving the main faults of I Want To Believe.

Firstly, If they want to continue the series they must either set Mulder and Scully up as paranormal investigators or have them rejoin the FBI. Secondly, the pair must work on the investigation together. In the recent film it was as if Scully had been edited into the film from a medical drama. Finally, they need more tension - if Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz can't supply it then bring in somebody else.

If these kinks are ironed out then I hope that The X-Files does continue.

With a bit of luck we should hear details soon - either debunking this news or confirming it.

I want to believe.

Source: Dread Central

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