'X-Files' Revival Series Set Images Tease Mulder & Scully's Return

X-Files Revival Series - First Look at Mulder and Scully

There had been rumors running around a few months prior, but most X-Files fans probably didn't actually expect that they'd be getting a revival series anytime soon. With both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson busy with shows like Aquarius and Hannibal, it was doubtful leading up to the announcement that audiences would get to see Mulder and Scully on their TV screens again.

However, the revival is indeed happening, with production on the six-episode revival series beginning just a few days ago - as announced by tweets and behind the scenes photos from those involved. If there's one thing that should be clear to the fans about this new series by this point - it's that the people behind the X-File revival seem to be just as excited about it as the show's fan base.

Fresh set photos from the X-Files TV show production have already surfaced online, offering different glimpses at Duchovny and Anderson on set in costume (unfortunately, no aliens have been spotted yet). First though, the X-Files twitter account (most likely trying to beat those grainy paparazzi photos to the punch) revealed the first official look at Duchovny and Anderson on set as Mulder and Scully earlier today.

Check out that tweet below:

The photo itself isn't all that much, as it just shows Mulder and Scully from the monitor's perspective, sitting in a car surrounded by green screen. However, considering how long it's been since fans have seen these two in this sort of situation - it'll most likely be enough to make some fans squeal with joy, especially with Anderson sporting her character's signature red hair once again.

Several news and tabloid outlets have been releasing set photos from the production online since it began over the past few days, all mostly focusing on the two stars walking down streets and having - what we can assume - is their signature X-Files banter and even Joel McHale's Tad O'Malley is featured in one of the photos too.

Check out some of those images below:

Little remains known about the X-Files revival's story or plot at this point, and the photos don't do much to hint at any specific details either. The series isn't set to premiere until early next year, but considering the level of excitement from everyone involved, it likely won't be long until some footage is shown to the fans. Whether it be at a 2015 Comic-Con (San Diego? New York?) or through a simple tweet - that's a toss-up at this point, and will probably depend upon how far along into production the series is by the time SDCC or NYCC roll along.

For right now though, X-Files fans can rejoice in the joy of seeing their favorite TV duo back together. It won't be much longer until Mulder and Scully are investigating the strange and unknown once again - and considering what some of the rumors have suggested about the series so far, it doesn't look like this one will disappoint.


The X-Files revival series will premiere on January 24th, 2016 on FOX.

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