'The X-Files' Revival Adds Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose

X-Files stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

Fans of Fox's seminal sci-fi drama series The X-Files may be well aware that the truth is out there. However, the show's upcoming revival will almost certainly bring new revelations to light.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are, of course, back in their iconic roles as Mulder and Scully, respectively, for the six-episode series, with creator and showrunner Chris Carter back at the helm. Like any nostalgia-fueled relaunch, the series is aiming to bring back a number of fan-favorite character (and possibly callbacks to classic episodes).

Fox has now announced that Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under, Dig) have joined the cast of the X-Files revival, currently filming in Vancouver. Amell will play the smart and smooth Agent Miller, and Ambrose will play sharp and confident Agent Einstein. Presumably, the characters will be younger FBI agents that Mulder and Scully encounter, but there's no telling what twists and surprises The X-Files will have in store.

Longtime X-Files fans will be tuning in to see Duchovny and Anderson back in action, first and foremost, but the show is wise to mix it up with some intriguing new cast additions. Already, season 10 has added funnymen Joel McHale (Community) and Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley), no doubt in an effort to keep the episodes fresh - while, at the same time, appealing to younger viewers who might not be quite as familiar with the show's original run.

Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose join The X-Files reviival
Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose have joined the 'X-Files' revival

To that end, actors like Amell and Ambrose could help bridge the generation gap both on the show and for its audience as well. After all, Mulder and Scully have been in this game for a long time now, and throwing a couple new agents in there - as foils demonstrating how the feds gets things done nowadays - could be a good cause of conflict for the veteran agents to face. Of course, this is all purely speculation at this point.

Carter, for his part, has already confirmed that X-Files will indeed address how much the world has changed since Mulder and Scully's heyday (in one way or another):

“The X-Files ended right after 9/11. A lot has happened since then. A lot of rollback of rights and liberties in the name of our protection. We’re being spied on now, we’re being lied to — all things that, for me, remind me of when I grew up, which was right around Watergate. I think we’re in similar and much more dire times right now.”

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The X-Files revival will begin with a two-night premiere airing Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 10pm on Fox.

Source: Fox

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