'The X-Files' Revival Gets Early 2016 Premiere Date

X Files 2016 premiere date

Aliens, crazy cults and creepy monsters never rest, so neither do FBI Special Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. The duo are making a comeback in a revival of Chris Carter's classic sci-fi series The X-Files, which will air on Fox next year. The stars could only commit to a six episode miniseries , but that's more than enough time for them to get into trouble.

Fox has now announced the premiere date for the next chapter in The X-Files, which will be very early in 2016. The series will kick off with a two-night event that begins on Sunday, January 24th at 10-11PM ET, and will continue on Monday, January 25th at 8-9PM ET/PT. After that the episodes will continue to air on Mondays at 8PM.

The press release also includes a synopsis, but it doesn't offer any hints as to what the revival will be about (it does make mention of the show's 6 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes). The revival could return to the case-of-the-week formula that The X-Files was known for, or it could pick a single mystery for Scully and Mulder to investigate over the course of six episodes.

The X-Files star David Duchovny has said that he believes shorter seasons are the way forward for television, since 22 episodes per season is a big commitment that he wouldn't have been able to make. Of course, if the revival is well received then it's possible that Fox could continue to produce The X-Files in short bursts, with the two stars fitting the filming in around their other TV projects.

The X Files trust no one

Fox has also confirmed that Mitch Pileggi will be returning for the revival as Walter Skinner, as Duchovny teased earlier this year. Aside from Duchovny, Pileggi and Gillian Anderson there aren't any other officially announced cast members, but it wouldn't be surprising if a few more faces from the past showed up. Duchovny also said that William B. Davis would be returning as the Cigarette-Smoking Man, though he later backtracked on that claim a little, saying that he'd only assumed that would be the case.

Carter is returning as showrunner and original X-Files writers/producers James Wong and Glen Morgan are set to write and direct one episode apiece. Based on this release date The X-Files will likely begin shooting within the next few months, so we'll be keeping an ear to the ground for any additional casting announcements and plot details.

The X-Files revival will premiere on Fox at 10PM ET on Sunday, January 24th, 2016.

Source: Fox

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